Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spotlight on Bonny Eagle Jewelers

Bonny Eagle Jewelers isn’t like all the box store jewelry counters. Bonny Eagle Jewelers and its owner Nathan Swan specialize in creating one of a kind pieces, be it a ring, pendant, bracelet set with gold, silver or titanium, he will work to make it perfect for his customer. 
Swan is a fourth generation jeweler. His father, who has worked in Rumford for more than 20 years designing, cutting gems and selling his work, helps out in Standish now. His father has a gem he cut at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. The store is located at 111 Ossipee Trail East in Standish next to Hannaford and has been there for five months. 

Swan wants to be a part of the community, which is why he went with the name Bonny Eagle Jewelers. “The district here is huge and I want to be welcomed,” he said. 

Being a small store has its advantages, Swan said. He is able to order pieces he doesn’t have in the store at a discounted rate. He also is able to take time to make sure a customer gets exactly what he is looking for. “No one can beat our prices if we don’t want them to,” Swan said. 

Wax molds

Swan is starting a membership program for his customers as well. Through this program there will be discounts on jewelry, special invitations to events like “Definition of Love Celebration” in April and the ability to win prizes. “There will be discounts on all services, purchases, watch batteries, repairs, custom designs and appraisals. It pays for itself through the savings,” Swan said. There will be three levels of membership, silver, gold and platinum. “It’s a deal for any jewelry person,” he added. Every month there will be five items that will be 50 percent off or more for members. 

“We’re here to please the customers. We’ll always be open to the public. We’re trying to create a little community,” Swan said. 

He has a large selection, over 6,000 carats of Maine Tourmaline pulled from Mt. Mica in Paris, Maine, which his family owned for many years. He also carries vendor pieces like Kelly Waters, Baguette masters, Stuller and charms by Rembrandt.   He carries birthstones, which are 15 percent off if it’s that month’s birthstone, pearls, clocks, pens, ID pendants and tags as well as watches like Seiko and Pulsar. 

The hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, but Swan explained that the hours will extend going into the holiday season. 
“It’s going to be crazy, but I love what I do. People love jewelry, especially when they’re getting engaged,” he said. If someone comes in with a design for a ring, Swan is more than happy to make it for them.
Bonny Eagle Jewelers offers great products, great prices and great opportunities.

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