Sunday, October 27, 2013

Business spotlight on Sedona Wellness - By Michelle Libby

Relaxation, healing and tranquility are keys to Sedona

Wellness. Run by Lynn Priest, a Raymond resident, Sedona Wellness has been in business for a year.
“I just wanted a place that was mine,” said Priest, who worked at another salon before moving into the present location just off Route 115 on the access road to the Windham Post Office. 

“I think a lot of people have lost the value of touch,” she said. “Touch makes things better.”
Priest is a massage therapist, Reiki master/teacher and polarity therapist. She is also certified in the DoTerra Essential Oil Aroma therapy. 

She wanted her own space so she could do more energy work and crystal healing. The energy work is used to help with medical, physical, emotional and spiritual issues. All of the energy work can be hands on and is done with the client fully dressed. “It’s been done for hundreds of years. It’s a great way for people to get in here for healing without being naked,” said Priest. 

“Anybody who has their doubts can come in for 15 minutes – most people say it feels like they just had a massage. It centers them and helps them stay grounded,” she said. 

Priest has no problem traveling to client’s homes for those who are not mobile or don’t want to leave their house. “I have a massage chair and a portable massage table,” she said. 

Another unique massage option Priest offers is called Flame Massage. She has candles in scents like vanilla, lavender or rosemary and when the candle oil is melted, she uses that oil to do the massage. The client gets to take the candle home with them. The wax is warm, but not too hot and she uses hot stones to help move the oil around. 

Hot stones are her favorite type of massage, “especially coming into this season,” Priest said. “That’s what we’re all about, making people feel good.”
Priest has discounts for frequent clients and she said she always has specials on her website. 

In addition to offering massage and therapy services, Priest sells crystals she buys when she is visiting Sedona, Arizona, her favorite place in the world, she said. She has done a lot of her training in Sedona, as well. Priest rents space to Beth O’Neill, who is a nail technologist and Priest has a reflexologist on call. She also does horse massage using the Masterson Method. 

Sedona Wellness is open by appointment six days a week or as needed. Priest said that clients need to schedule appoints 48 hours in advance. Clients can reach Sedona Wellness through its website, by email at or by phone at 310-0368. 


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