Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spotlight On: Q-Team

One thing we have no shortage of in Maine is trees. With trees comes the growth and encroachment on houses, roads and views. No one knows that better than Q-Team Tree Service out of Naples, which has been doing tree work for 28 years.

“We are a residential tree service company which does tree trimming, pruning, brush chipping, stump grinding and more,” said president and general manager Robert Fogg. Their primary territory is within a 20 mile radius of their office, which puts Windham and Raymond right in the center. “This is so we can give better customer service,” he said. 

They specialize in taking down trees that are difficult to move because of the close proximity to houses or water, Fogg said. There are special regulations when it comes to shoreline property. “We pride ourselves of staying on top of regulations so we won’t get anyone in trouble,” said Fogg. Q-Team has worked around garages, taken trees off roofs and even, once removed a tree from a bathroom, when it grew too big for the hole the builder left for it within the house. 

At the height of the season, Q-Team employees up to 18 people and in the off season they drop to eight. They are still in the off-season, charging off-season prices until May, said Fogg. Most of the employees including Fogg are state licensed arborists. Everyone who does tree work must have a license or be under the direction of a licensed arborist, according to Fogg. There are three employees who do free estimates and tree safety inspections, Fogg, Adam Gosselin and Aaron Gosselin. 

Q-Team carries liability insurance and workers compensation insurance on their workers. “It eliminates any liability to the homeowner due to damaged property or injured workers,” said Fogg.   

Every year Q-Team volunteers to put up flags on the causeway in Naples and mount the flag in Harrison. They’ve also been known to decorate Christmas trees using their bucket trucks. 

Q-Team also has the equipment to back up their knowledge. They have three bucket trucks and three log trucks for hauling brush and wood. If the wood is useable that they remove to sell to various companies and adjust the price of the job to reflect the wood value, according to Fogg. They also send some of their brush and limbs that they don’t use for landscaping mulch off to be used as fuel to generate electricity. 

“Our key to success is the team we have together. We have a team of awesome people in place who are incredible,” Fogg said. In 2007, Q-Team merged with Cook’s Tree Service and they still use that name as well. 

Q-Team is always available with a full-time receptionist, voice mail and an answering service. They also have a website and can be found on Facebook at QTeamTreeService.

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