Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dancemakers sold to instructor by Michelle Libby

In a letter addressed to students and parents, the owner of Dancemakers, Tyler Wing, announced that he is selling the business as of June 2013 to Nicole Getchell, who has been a teacher at the dance studio for three years. 

Five years ago, the dance studio was thrust into the arms of former manager Wing after the former owner considered closing the business and walking away. 

“Today, Windham's dance studio has transformed from a bankrupt entity with less than 70 students, to having students drive from all corners of Maine, in some cases one and a half hours one-way, just to take our classes and perform our works,” said Wing. 

Wing moved to Arizona earlier in the year. “I had never forgotten the desire to see and live in another part of the country, as well as explore my other potential career opportunities and put my skills as a small business owner to use in an entirely different capacity. Finally, after five years of putting plans on hold, I decided to see what else life had in store for me. My only regret is that I cannot simply uproot my studio, my teachers, my families, and my dancers, and recreate a west coast version of Dancemakers right here in the desert!” he said. 

Getchell has a long list of accomplishments which she brings to Dancemakers and although she has been working at Portland School of Ballet, she will no longer work there, utilizing all of her talents with the Dancemakers’ students. 

“The decision to sell the studio was made with enormous consideration to every single person it would affect with extra attention paid to my employees, my families, my dancers, and even the Town of Windham itself,” said Wing.  

Dimitra Corsetti will remain as official studio manager until June 15 and as a teacher and at the helm of the Adrenaline Dance Program, according to Wing.
Getchell lives in Sebago with her husband and son.

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