Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spotlight On: Homestead Mortgage Loans

Homestead Mortgage Loan, Inc. opened shop in 2008, when mortgage businesses didn’t have the best name, but they have persevered and remained committed to their core philosophy to “provide our customers with a better combination of service, experience, knowledge, integrity and value than that which is available anywhere else in the mortgage industry,” said owner Jim Skvorak.

“That was the key to why I opened a new mortgage company when it was clear the whole industry was over the cliff and going down,” he said.

With nine employees, Homestead is about staying small and offering customer service so their clients will return and encourage their family and friends to do business with them. This is their biggest segment of customers, return business.

“We want to be who we are and do a better job than anyone else around. Everyone here takes a lot of pride about knowing mortgage products,” he said. “We’re not doing anything differently. We make sure we know all the ins and outs and nuances. We’re able to do what others aren’t able,” said Skvorak.

Agents at Homestead don’t see closing on homes as a “transaction.” This is one of the biggest purchases a person will make. “Some people refer to this as a sales business,” said Skvorak. “I never considered what I do as sales – it’s taking care of people.”

Everyone works as a team. They believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to uphold everyone else’s reputation, according to Skvorak. No one wants to let the team down.

Unlike some business, Homestead Mortgage works with all brands of loans, conventional, Federal Housing Authority, Rural Development and Veteran’s Affair loans. The guidelines change a lot, but some customers might get a better deal on their loan using a different program and Homestead knows which would be better for a particular client.

“We are all about ‘keep it local.’ It makes a difference whether they get their mortgage local, rather than in Iowa,” said Skvorak.

“There’s something unique about having a motto that’s real. What people want is what we want to deliver,” he added.

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