Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spotlight On: Armstrong Advanced Dental Concepts

Dr. Stanley Armstrong is on the cutting edge of dentistry. He has the skills and technology to enhance or create a perfect smile.

“We do complete dentistry. Implants, cosmetic, restorative, extractions,” he said. “I really want to make people happy with their smile.”

Armstrong has been in business for 32 years and moved to his present location at Windham Crossing in 1985. He holds certifications in many areas of dentistry including one from the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which is not easy to complete, he said.

“I’m more of an esthetic, altruistic dentist,” Armstrong said.

His office is state of the art as well as comfortable. “We have a friendly, safe, comfortable atmosphere. One of my goals is to make an atmosphere that doesn’t bring up fears and concerns of what people had in the past that are negative,” he said.

“A lot of what we do is above and beyond what is customary,” Armstrong said. While having dental work done, a patient is able to watch movies, watch TV or listen to music as a distraction. He said he’s even had people who say that coming to the dentist is the most relaxing part of their week.
Making an appointment is easy and if someone has a concern, they should get it evaluated before it gets worse, according to Armstrong. If they don’t it will be “more time, cost and inconvenience,” he added.

At Armstrong Dental it’s about “how can I help them? What’s it going to do for them? What’s available? And, communication. They might not know what they want or need?” Armstrong is there to address the concerns of his patients through education.

Dentistry has changed completely since Armstrong first opened his practice. The only thing that’s stayed the same is anatomy, he said.

“There are rumors and conversations that say I’m more costly than other places. It’s not that we’re expensive. We’re not insurance driven. I don’t want to have insurance companies and others tell us how to do things in the best interest of the patients. I choose what is best,” said Armstrong.

Prospective patients are invited to stop by the office. Armstrong Dental can be reached online at , by phone and on Facebook.

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