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Business Spotlight: Maine Community Solar

It may sound like a concept directly from the future, but community solar farms are generating power and sharing it for residences and businesses alike and reducing electric bills in the process. Based in Portland, Maine Community Solar educates consumers about the benefits of community solar programs and helps them enroll in one that’s right for them. Locally owned and operated, Maine Community Solar envisions a sustainable future by making the state a leader in sustainability and renewable energy.

Maine Community Solar employees are active in the 
community, such as recently volunteering to serve a meal
at a Preble street homeless shelter in Portland. The company
educates consumers about the benefits of community solar
programs and helps them enroll in one that's right for them.
A solar farm is a collection of photovoltaic solar panels that absorb energy from the sun, convert it into electricity and send that electricity to the power grid for distribution and consumption by customers like you. Community solar farms are mounted to the ground instead of rooftop panels and come in all shapes and sizes.

“Maine created a free community solar program for residents to promote locally produced renewable energy and to offset the costs of this transition and other electricity cost increases for Mainers,” said Tony Napolitano, the owner and founder of Maine Community Solar. “Most people don't know this program exists to benefit them, are misinformed, or don't understand how it works. We are here to educate people and help them participate.”

According to Napolitano, services provided by Maine Community Solar are free.

“What we do is help customers understand Maine's community solar program and join a local solar farm so they can support local renewable energy and save on their electricity bill,” he said.

The company serves the entire state of Maine and all customers that pay an electric bill with CMP or Versant.

Napolitano said the best aspect of his work with Maine Community Solar is having an opportunity to assist everyday people understand renewable energy while helping protect the planet in the process.

He has worked in green building and renewable energy for 20-plus years. He grew up in Maine and attended Portland High School. He launched his own marketing company, Roundhouse Media, in 2010 and founded Maine Community Solar on Jan. 1, 2021.

“When I learned about community solar and the fact that anyone could benefit from renewable energy with no upfront costs, long-term commitment or other barriers to entry, I thought it was a game changer,” Napolitano said. “I signed up for a local solar farm right away and made it my mission to spread the word as far and wide as possible.”

Significant savings for Maine consumers is the foundation of Maine Community Solar’s success.

“A Mainer that pays an average electric utility bill can save more than $22 per month or $250 per year on their electricity costs, or about 15 percent,” Napolitano said. “Many people can save more. We've helped hundreds of Maine businesses and thousands of Mainers join a local solar farm. Customers we helped in 2023 will account for more than 80,000,000 kwh of locally-produced, renewable energy powering Maine homes and businesses. We focus on doing the right thing and the right way. If you put customers first, the success takes care of itself.”

Well respected for taking an educational, community-based approach to advocating for renewable energy and its benefits, reviews posted online for Maine Community Solar are exceptional.

“I don’t usually write reviews, but: Maine Community Solar! Everyone should be doing this. I had been meaning to make the change to solar energy for a while but kept pushing it off. A gal named Sydney followed up with me a few times and I’m so glad she did. The signup is super easy (you use your log in information with your existing electricity supplier, which couldn’t be simpler!). I’m not super tech savvy, but Sydney walked me through every step to make sure we got it right. You save money, support the growth of local solar farms, and basically don’t have to do a thing in the process. Do it!” – Emily Smith

“Great experience signing up with Maine Community Solar. Very professional, helpful, and responsive. The agent was personable and really aided me through the process. Excited to save 15 percent on my CMP bill.” – Bill Nalls

“I tried to sign up for solar electricity and kept hitting roadblocks. Maine Community Solar made it easy.” – Susan Hall

To arrange a meeting with one of Maine Community Solar’s Education Specialists to learn more about what they can do for you and how they can help you start saving through community solar, call 207-888-3670 or visit them online at You can also find them on Facebook at Sign up now and receive a $50 gift card as a thank you for helping to create a sustainable Maine. <

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