Friday, July 28, 2023

Business Spotlight: Royal Academy

 As technology advances, education is constantly evolving and adapting, and online learning is more prevalent now than ever before. Based here in the Lakes Region, Royal Academy is a valued resource in partnership with students and parents in providing a quality education for children.

Located in New Gloucester, Royal Academy is an independent, virtual, private, (K to 12) school. It includes credit recovery courses, education counseling, achievement testing, homeschool support, curriculum design, tutoring, correcting homework consulting and coordinating with a student’s current school as needed.

“The best thing about what we do is our custom-tailored one-on-one approach,” said Bernie Tajonera of Royal Academy. “We are present with each student. When we teach, it’s personalized. You can’t put a price on having an opportunity to get specific with each student through mentorship.”

Tajonera says what distinguishes Royal Academy from other online learning institutions is that the school personally crafts and presents Individualized Learning Plans for all its students.

“We approach the development of an Individualized Learning Plan for each student as a collaborative team process. We involve all the key support individuals from the student and parents to the teachers, academic coaches, and counselors, together as a team, we create a unique plan for every child. The plan is designed to organize, and sequence your child’s curriculum and courses, while considering his or her own unique academic strengths and challenges, passions, and dreams,” he said. “Some children are ready to move ahead in one subject but need extra help in others. Our Individualized Learning Plan establishes a strategy to help make the right choices and help each student reach their highest potential.”

Royal Academy was launched in 1994 by Shirley and Don Minster of Gray and now has four full-time staff members along with experienced independent instructors. The school is accredited by Cognia and recognized for equivalent instruction by the Maine Department of Education.

Its virtual classes allow people to attend classes from wherever they are. Some students are dual-enrolled, taking online classes offered by Royal Academy while continuing their studies at other schools.

“Our challenge is that all children are unique in their own way, so we find and meet those challenges,” Tajonera said. “We want to build rapport and relationships with our students.”

One part of Royal Academy’s key to being successful is through its innovative curriculum.

“Some have a misconception that online education is just for a certain type of student but that’s not the case,” Tajonera said. “Online teaching is all about the curriculum. You can experience life and that becomes your homework. At Royal Academy we make sure the curriculum fits our students and their lifestyle.”

With an expansive curriculum of more than 125 courses, Royal Academy provides students with important choices in math, science, English, history, languages, social studies and an array of other electives and multiple learning levels.

Featuring smaller class sizes and the ability to directly relate to students, Tajonera says that Royal Academy staff members have a personal presence with each student making the educational experience worthwhile.

Online reviews for Royal Academy are exceptional.

“Cannot wait to start teaching my son physical education tomorrow, we are sure to accomplish great strides this school year. We are so proud he will be attending Royal Academy again this year!” Abi, mother of 10th grader

“Enjoying working with ‘my’ Royal Academy Education, Inc. families. I have experienced many children growing from babyhood to adulthood and am now growing old(er) with the parents. Students are now wanting to home educate their own children and getting in touch with me for advice. Feeling a little like a grandmother with many, many grandchildren.” Jane, teacher, mother of homeschoolers

“I am so very proud of my sister-in-law and the stand she takes to provide decent education to our next generation.” Gail

Through the years Royal Academy has taught students from all over the United States, sometimes educating entire families, giving hope to students, meeting children where they’re at, through its unique and custom-tailored approach.

“Royal Academy will work extensively to create an educational and financial plan which has included giving family discounts,” Tajonera said.

For more details about Royal Academy, call them at 207-831-5337 or 207-572-2927 or visit them online at or find them on Facebook at <

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