Friday, April 7, 2023

Business Spotlight: CoActive Wellness, LLC

If recent years have taught us anything, it’s that we all need to support investments in our health and well-being and now the Lakes Region has another resource to help us live our best lives. Integral Hypnotherapy provides an opportunity for clients to create positive, lasting changes.

Tawnya Brown, President, CoActive Wellness
Whether you want to manage stress, change your relationship with food, let go of trauma, or boost confidence, CoActive Wellness can help.

Tawnya Brown, a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist, and the President of CoActive Wellness, says she helps people to remodel their beliefs to heal and reach goals they have set.

“Our team guides individuals to change their mindset by changing limiting beliefs so they can reach their desired outcomes and improve overall well-being of mind, body and spirit. Your mindset is responsible for 95 percent of your results, emotions, behavior and beliefs,” Tawnya said. “Our goal is to help remodel the mindset and exchange negative thoughts that have been affecting your outcomes and replace them with positive thoughts that produce successful results.”

Tawnya Brown, a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist, and the President of CoActive Wellness, 

According to Tawnya, Integral Hypnotherapy is a unique style of hypnotherapy based on a collaborative, client-centered approach. It’s a system that combines classic hypnotherapy with modern methods and conventions and it integrates philosophical counseling (reality-based coaching) and human potential training, which also includes life skills coaching.

“The Integral Hypnotherapy process was created by the Hypnotherapy Academy of America,” Tawnya said. “As part of this training, our team has completed five times more training than a typical U.S. hypnotherapist. We also have other certifications with many requirements that help clients feel rest assured that they are getting a qualified practitioner. Examples of what we can help with are anxiousness, fears and phobias, self-esteem and confidence, forgiveness, grief and loss, job performance, lack of motivation, body shape/weight loss, unwanted habits, sports performance and academics. Medical Hypnotherapy helps with chronic pain, accelerated healing, trauma, hypertension, overactive bladder and more."

CoActive Wellness works with clients across the country, and sessions can be done via ZOOM in the comfort of your home or office, onsite or at their office in Windham. They also provide experiences and workshops within the community.

Tawnya says the most challenging aspect of her work is educating people about myths and perceived limitations associated with hypnosis and how Integral Hypnotherapy is different in that it empowers individuals to take control of their own beliefs, release trauma and heal with the power of their own mind. Many individuals think of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation or weight loss only, when in reality it is an effective resource for so much more.

Feedback and reviews have been exceptional.

“Our well-being is determined by our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Tawnya offered my daughter a well-rounded self-care plan to address her overall health with great success. Tawnya’s exceptional training and expertise as a hypnotherapist coupled with the personal attention she brings to her clients is what I believe led to the significant improvement that my daughter experienced. Tawnya helped her develop life skills that she will benefit from indefinitely.” Dr. F.

“It’s hard to admit when you’re not fully healed from past trauma. It’s even harder to realize that the trauma is still actively affecting your day to day. When I started with CoActive Wellness, I was in a place where I was unsure how to help myself heal further. Tawnya reassured me that she would work with me to help me heal. Hypnotherapy with CoActive Wellness has helped me dive deeper into my subconscious mind and discover things about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I have only had two sessions so far, but already I feel I’ve dug up years of suppressed emotions and negative feelings, and I’ve watched as they’ve been replaced with feelings of self-worth, self-validation, and loads of self-confidence. I am so excited to continue my healing journey with Tawnya.” M.W.

“In my experience medication can be a short-term fix for a number of problems but can affect your life in different ways. I chose hypnotherapy because I believe it offers a more long-term solution without being reliant. Thanks to Tawnya at CoActive Wellness, I have been able to manage my anxiousness without medication and am more focused at work, home and in my daily life.” D.M.

“At CoActive Wellness, we recognize that each client requires a collaborative and unique approach to their own health and well-being. That is why we work together and develop a personalized plan for each individual, tailored to their specific goals to support changes in limiting beliefs,” Tawnya said. “We work closely with our clients to develop plans that are realistic, achievable and effective.”

At 9:30 a.m. April 12, CoActive Wellness will be providing a guided Hypno-Meditation session for veterans, a journey to a river where you can experience Forgiveness, Healing and Love at the American Legion Post 148 in Windham. Starting May 7, in collaboration with Redefining Yoga, 889 Roosevelt Trail, they will be offering Seven Sessions on Clearing the Chakras with Yoga Asana to open the body, Pranayama to ready the mind, and Hypnotherapy to remodel beliefs. For more information about these sessions or to sign up go to

CoActive Wellness is also offering $25 off the first session if booked in April.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 207-838-6332 or visit <

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