Friday, February 24, 2023

Business Spotlight: Automill LLC

For Mark and Sarah Day, the owners of Automill in Windham, their business is the realization of a dream come true, and that’s evident in everything they do for their customers

Just six years ago, the couple were both working full-time jobs when the opportunity arose to launch Automill, a resale auto dealership also offering maintenance and parts. Located at 971 River Road in Windham, Automill has grown to become a preferred destination for high quality customer service, hard-to-find auto parts and exceptional vehicles and maintenance.

“Opening the business we tried to work our full-time jobs and get the business up and running but we were not meeting the needs of our customers. Then we finally decided that it was time to leave our full-time jobs and make the business our full-time jobs,” said Sarah. “We have five children so the first year was super tough and going into our second year we were thrown into Covid and had five children that had to be remote learners. But that didn’t stop us, we worked long hard hours to build our business to best meet the needs of our customers.”

Mark said the most significant aspect of the Automill business is Subarus.

“We specialize in Subarus, we know Subarus from front to back, not only for resale but parts and any maintenance,” he said. “We have about 300 Subaru parts vehicles, as well as tons of Subaru parts already removed and on the shelf. We also have tons of other vehicles for arts too.”

He said that Automill has customers from all of New England drive to Windham for specific parts for their vehicles, but the business also ships parts nationwide.

“We know Subarus very well so typically Subarus always have the same issues,” Mark said. Anyone that knows Subarus knows that a leaking head gasket is very common, So we get that out of the way by doing the head gaskets, timing belt and water pump and we still keep our prices at an affordable rate. We also offer financing, and everyone gets approved. We offer bad credit, no credit with easy terms and extended warranties.”

Sarah said Automill’s parts inventory is vast.

“We sell used auto parts from the smallest piece of plastic on the vehicle to major components, for example, engines of vehicles,” she said. “Back in the day it was very common for families and children to go to a junk yard and check out all the other vehicles while bonding with your family to pull your own parts. Yes, we offer pick and pull. Also ,we have multiple tools to look up parts so if we don’t have it, we can find it.”

Customers who purchase cars from Automill discover that the business performs any and all upcoming work or maintenance to Automill vehicles at a discounted rate. Oil changes for vehicles purchased through them are just $30.

“We try to maintain a high quality of services and keep our customers happy. We have had numerous families that purchase not one vehicle but multiple and we keep up with the maintenance,” Mark said. “Also because we have so many parts vehicles on hand if something breaks like a bumper or headlight, we almost can do an exact match up for parts right down to the color.”

Customer reviews have been outstanding.

“Very nice people to work with. They do what it takes to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction. We have gotten three vehicles through them and were very happy with all three.” Tammie Donner

“Great folks to buy a car from. Reasonably priced and reliable. Their knowledge of Subarus is extremely impressive. I am so glad I purchased my son’s first car from them. I feel safe sending my child out in a car they have run through because of their knowledge and trustworthiness. I highly recommend purchasing a car from them and I will continue bringing this car to them for regular maintenance and repairs.” Rebecca Poole

“Excellent. Great people to deal with. Honest and fair.” Chris Whitney

Both Mark and Sarah say what makes Automill stand out from the competition is that everyone is treated as a family member.

“We are a family run business so you can bring your children and pets, it does not matter and pull parts or find parts that are very inexpensive,” Mark said. “With prices on everything skyrocketing, we have managed to still keep our prices affordable and reasonable.”

To find out more about Automill, call them at 207-890-9270 or visit them at or on Facebook under Automill LLC. <

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