Friday, June 24, 2022

Business Spotlight: Harry’s Heat Pumps

Warmer weather isn’t typically the time when you weigh the costs associated with winter heating costs, but savvy homeowners and businesses in the Lakes Region of Maine should know that summer is the perfect time to install a highly efficient heating and cooling pump from Harry’s Heat Pumps in Windham. 

Harry’s Heat Pumps is owned and operated by Harry Wood, who has lived in Windham his entire life and understands the importance of saving money during the cold winter months for area families.

I have been in business for just over two years but have been working on heat pumps just shy of a decade,” Wood said. “We offer a year-round product and providing exceptional customer service because we live locally and are aware how costly it is to heat and cool a home.”

He sells heat and cooling pumps, installs them, performs service repairs, cleanings and preventative maintenance.

We specialize in keeping you and your family comfortable year around whether it’s in one room or the whole house,” Wood said.

Because Harry’s Heat Pumps is based in Windham, his response time is faster than the larger companies and is an affordable option to help the community save money.       

“I’m the local guy you can call who will provide exceptional customer service and get it done right the first time,” Wood said. “We’re a family- oriented company.” 

Wood said that a heat pump uses electricity to pull heat out of the air. In the winter, it pulls warm air inside to heat your home while in the summer, it acts like an air conditioner, moving warm air out while circulating cool air inside. 

Harry's Heat Pumps is a locally
owned and operated company by
Windham native Harry Wood, shown
here with his son, Liam.

According to Wood, heat pumps are quiet and help to improve air quality by filtering the air and dehumidifying the home. Air quality can be a key component for optimum health and prevention of illness.

Because a heating and cooling pump uses no fossil fuels, it is eco-friendly by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere while saving a bundle on heating and cooling costs.

Heating and cooling pumps require little maintenance and that can add up to substantial savings which can be used for other projects by homeowners.

Wood said that the primary advantage of installing a heat pump is that it’s one of the lowest cost sources of heat and that when installed with multiple indoor units, heat pumps allow for room-by-room temperature control.

They are safe because heat pumps are electrically powered and there is no risk of combustion gas leaks, he said.

“Many people have the misconception that the electricity consumption cost with a heat pump is higher, but in reality, they’re very efficient and also help dehumidify and cool homes in the summer,” Wood said.

And compared to larger companies, Harry’s Heat Pumps is highly competitive when it comes to pricing.

“We have much lower overhead allowing us to offer significant savings,” he said. “And heat pumps also typically provide 250 to 300 percent efficiency when compared to oil prices.”

Wood’s business is growing as oil prices continue to skyrocket.

“Many families are just not able to afford to fill their tanks anymore,” he said. “We have the expertise, experience, availability, live locally and focus on personalized customer service. We do what we say we’re going to do from the start of a job to the finish and do it with integrity.”     

Harry’s Heat Pumps is insured, licensed, fully certified to work on heating and cooling pump systems and is a registered vendor with efficiency Maine.     

Outstanding social media reviews for Harry’s Heat Pumps are a testament to Wood’s integrity, resourcefulness and his ability to relate to his customers.

“I’m looking to plant the seed so when they think heat pumps, Harry’s pops into their minds - not just the big companies,” Harry said. “We provide exceptional service and work hard every day to earn your trust and business.”

Find Harry’s Heat Pumps on Facebook, Instagram and Google or call 207-310-3473 for Harry’s Heat Pumps.  <

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