Friday, September 24, 2021

Business Spotlight: Sticky Bud Farms

The reward of helping people feel better from many different conditions through cannabis is what drives Sticky Bud Farms to treat each customer with integrity and compassion and share their expertise and knowledge with those in pain and suffering.

Located at 815 Roosevelt Trail Unit 4 in North Windham, Sticky Bud Farms and Sticky Bud Farms Glass and Wellness provide many valuable services to promote wellness.

Offering the utmost in courteous customer service, competitive pricing and a large selection of medical cannabis products, Sticky Bud Farms serves individuals locally and from throughout New England with a valid medical card and identification. And in treating people so well, they were voted as the Best Medical Dispensary in New England for 2021.


“We listen to the individual patient, and we offer guidance in the use of cannabis products,” said Dave Whitten, Sticky Bud Farms owner. “For example, we offer flower, oils, salves, and edibles as well as custom tinctures for each individual’s need and we offer consultations. Our biggest reward is someone coming in for a few months on a walker in severe pain and you get to see a transformation and the relief they’ve experienced. That’s what it’s truly all about for me.”


Now in a newly remodeled and beautiful facility, Sticky Bud Farms features a full line of glass and electronics with an exclusive oxygen bar with aroma therapy to help individuals feel better. Their new shop includes three full stations to assist patients, a video menu system and an ATM.


Dave Whitten, owner of sticky Bud Farms, 
received the honor of being awarded 'Best
Medical Dispensary' for all of New England in
2021 by NECANN. Visit their new shop for
top shelf cannabis products and unmatched
customer service and knowledge in the

“What separates us from the others is our amazing customer service,” Whitten said. “There is a true difference as we take an interest in each and every patient individually. We are here to help and educate people on the use of cannabis.”


Medical cards are available at Sticky Bud Farms for as little as $29 and valuable discounts are offered for veterans and first-time customers, along with an array of daily discounts and specials.


Whitten knows first-hand how debilitating pain and suffering can be and he was able to overcome that through cannabis. It changed his life, and he firmly believes that cannabis can alleviate the pain of others too and that’s why he established Sticky Bud Farms in the area in 2013.


“I gave my life to being a medical cannabis caregiver and it gave me a life back,” Whitten said. “I was in pain for years but once I started using cannabis my life turned around.”


Sticky Bud Farms became the first cannabis shop in North Windham in 2017 and currently has eight employees, including Whitten’s wife, Judy, whom he credits for her steadfast support of his desire to help others overcome their pain.


“We truly value our patients over profits and that is why we take the time to sit down with every patient to learn about their specific needs and make sure that they find the right product to suit their unique needs,” Whitten said. “We believe that our compassion and medical cannabis can help heal many ailments in our world today.”


The business continues to explore new and unique ways to provide healing and relief to its customers and is currently building a new kitchen to produce a full line of fresh-baked edibles for customers. The new Sticky Bud Farms facility also plans to offer reiki, acupuncture, and massages once completed.


“Our goal is to offer a whole holistic approach to feeling better,” Whitten said. “We travel to many conventions learning and seeing all of the new and innovated products. We go to symposiums and seminars to keep up on the new breakthroughs in this business.” 


For Whitten, his approach to operating a successful business is basic.


“We offer superb products at a reasonable price and treat everyone as we would want to be treated,” he said. We do it with education, integrity, honesty, compassion, faith, charity, and love. We feel our medical approach is much different from anything else out there. We provide sound and honest advice, and we want our customers to leave here happy.”


For more information about Sticky Bud Farms, call 207-893-8200 or visit them online at They are also on Facebook, Instagram and Leafly. < 

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