Friday, August 27, 2021

Business Spotlight: Campbell and DiCenso Team at William Raveis Real Estate

In today’s red-hot real estate market, finding real estate experts who will fight for your best interest and have the experience and a proven track record of success can be daunting, but the team of associate brokers Nancy Campbell and Michelle DiCenso at William Raveis Real Estate stand ready to exceed expectations and assist with the sale or purchase of a home. 

The team provides real estate services and they also work with sellers in staging their home to prepare for professional photography and the ultimate sale of their home. They provide invaluable connections to contractors, mortgage lenders, and title services and sometimes navigate through some very sticky situations, such as failed septic systems, water treatment, and significant title or land disputes.

But through it all, Campbell and DiCenso’s clients benefit from their tenacity on every level of the real estate experience, and they work it through to a successful conclusion.

They equally serve sellers and buyers and both Campbell and DiCenso have diverse knowledge of many communities with their reach extending well beyond Windham. They specialize in real estate from Sebago Lake to Long Lake and everything in between, and they also have intimate knowledge of Greater Portland, including the very hot downtown Portland condo market.

“We truly care about our client’s needs and evaluate all aspects of their lives and determine what works best,” DiCenso said. “In some cases, we help folks develop a long-term plan, using an honest down-to-earth approach and ensuring each individual client’s unique needs is always in the forefront.”

According to DiCenso, the greatest misconception the public may have about her work is that real estate is an easy profession. “You have to know a lot about various aspects of home buying; from financing, the actual construction and systems of a home, environmental issues, the legal aspects of title and land ownership,” she said. “There are ever-changing federal, state and local regulations.  There are so many moving parts to every transaction. It is critical to have a team that is well rounded and informed on all levels and who are extremely resourceful.”

Campbell says they believe they are in the “people business” and always strive to be respectful to those who turn to them for guidance and help.

“In this challenging market right now, it’s our job to keep our buyers from getting discouraged and giving up on their dreams,” Campbell said. “For our buyers, this can be the great challenge right now. I believe my background lends itself to helping clients through this process.”

She said what distinguishes their team at William Raveis Real Estate from other companies is their approach.

“Yes, there are other teams out there, but we have been told our approach is a seamless process. Michelle and I communicate and coordinate every day,” Campbell said. “We recognize each other’s strengths, and we use this knowledge to our benefit. I’m not going to get in the way of Michelle being the one to attend an inspection, for example. She has extensive knowledge of the building process.”

DiCenso said she believes in Campbell’s ability to work through complicated transactions seamlessly and bring them to a close, helping people realize their dreams.

“We both strive to manage the stressful process in the background for our clients,” Campbell said. “That’s what our team is all about.”

In her life before real estate, Campbell managed and operated a successful psychotherapy practice before moving on as the co-owner of another successful clinical practice, Maine Neurotherapy Center. Her strong people skills and extensive business experiences provide tremendous value to her clients when navigating a complex transaction.

“Real estate is not about houses, but rather about people and their dreams,” Campbell said.

DiCenso has lived in Raymond for more than 30 years and has an in-depth knowledge of the southern Maine market. Prior to starting her storied career in real estate, her equally storied professional career stretched from Maine to Alaska and covered many aspects of business, management, and finance.

As a 25-year veteran of the oil industry, DiCenso brings incredible time management, client relations, and negotiation skills to the table. Past clients have praised DiCenso for her loyalty and her undying tenacity both during a transaction and outside of work.

Besides her business acumen, DiCenso shares with her clients her extensive knowledge of construction management and renovation. Having overseen these types of projects for many years, she often finds her free time filled with designing, orchestrating, and managing her latest project.

All of these skills prove to be invaluable for clients of the Campbell and DiCenso team as they look at different properties and evaluate each to find the perfect fit for them. They are based out of the William Raveis Real Estate office at 840 Roosevelt Trail in Windham. Call 207-892-3377 or visit <

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