Friday, February 26, 2021

Business Spotlight: Taylor’s Firewood and Taylor and Sons Landscaping

 Through years of experience, Bob Taylor knows the value of having a business with diverse operations. His companies, Taylor’s Firewood LLC and Taylor and Sons Landscaping LLC, operate year-round and offer premium delivered firewood for winter heating, an array of landscaping services such as seasonal yard cleanups, mulch spreading, mowing, snow plowing and more.

Bob Taylor has been associated with firewood for as long as he can remember. His father, Robert Taylor, Sr. (known locally as “The Firewood Man”) founded the business when Bob was growing up and he hired his son to start helping stack cords of wood and deliver firewood when he was 15. He’s been at it ever since and took over ownership of the company when his father died 10 years ago, leaving behind decades of successful deliveries to homes throughout the Lakes Region and hundreds of satisfied customers. 

“We don’t take shortcuts for any of our customers,” Bob said. “We do what we say we’ll do and then go above and beyond. In all the years that I’ve been doing this, my philosophy for running a successful business is simple. If I please you, you’re going to tell your friends, your neighbors and your family. Word of mouth is the best advertising I can get. I always do the best I can for my customers and try to make everyone happy. If they’re happy, they’ll certainly call us again and again.”

According to Bob, the best time to purchase firewood is right now. “It’s green and frozen at this time, and there is no sap in the wood,” he said. “It’s seasoned dry wood that is custom split to what the customers want. And it’s from Maine with all of our firewood trucked to us directly from locations in Lyman and Gray. We have good solid tree length ready to be cut to fit your needs.”

The wood is a mix of maple, beech, birch, oak and ash and comes sized per customer request. Taylor’s firewood is dried and seasoned for optimum burning and heating. This process can take up to two years, but it allows moisture to evaporate from wood, yielding firewood that burns safely and efficiently, Bob said.

Delivery from Taylor’s Firewood is offered for free, but should a customer so desire, firewood can also be personally picked up at the company’s wood yard in Standish.

Because they are a small company, Taylor’s Firewood offers shorter wait times for deliveries and orders can be made over the phone with most deliveries made the following day. When a customer places an order, they will get only the most personalized service by talking directly to Bob or his wife and will typically not even reach an answering machine and will certainly not be waiting for an online response. 

Firewood prices are highly competitive compared to other suppliers in the area and Bob said he guarantees you get what you pay for. “When you buy a cord of wood from us that’s exactly what you get,” Bob said. “We make sure it amounts to a cord, unlike some other companies who promise a full cord but deliver less than that.” Multi-cord discounts are also available.

Besides firewood, Bob and his son also provide experienced landscaping and property maintenance solutions, ranging from mowing and mulching to new lawn installations from seed or sod. They specialize in spring and fall cleanups and are also adept at planting trees, flowers and shrubs. Customers can take advantage of Taylor and Sons generous contractor discounts when choosing items to be planted from local dealers.

Mulch delivery service is always free from Taylor and Sons Landscaping and the company offers an assortment of colorful mulch selections to spruce up almost any home, any yard or any business.

Possessing a wealth of horticultural knowledge and years of experience working in all types of Maine landscapes, they can help you transform your property into something any home or business owner can be proud of. Free estimates are offered for all landscaping and snow removal services so don’t wait, call now to be first in line for your spring cleanup and take advantage of the 10 percent discount being offered with this ad.

We are family owned and operated and dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations,” Bob said. “We go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right and to your satisfaction.”

To order firewood, request an estimate or learn more about their services, call Taylor’s Firewood and Taylor and Sons Landscaping today. Reach Sandy at 207-799-2179 or call or text Bob at 207-415-2373. They may not be online, but they are on point when it comes to trusted firewood and landscaping services!  <

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