Friday, April 24, 2020

Business Spotlight: Petals Farm and Garden has been said that there are so many reasons to be happy – and flowers are among one of them. A fresh bouquet sitting on your dining room table not only inspires happiness but adds beauty in the home and hope in the soul. What makes the multi-colored spray of natural luxury more special is if it arrives fresh into your home straight from your garden. But not everyone has easy access to such an idyllic situation or do not know where or how to begin to create a flower garden for all seasons.

That is where Petals Farm and Garden can be of service. Owner Lyndsay Stretch offers fresh cut flowers from her and her husband’s eight-acre farmstead, located at 11 Brick Hill Road in Windham. Additionally, the company can provide an opportunity for an individual to create their own beautiful year-round landscape, too. Recently opening her doors, Petals Farm and Garden services include garden design, installation and maintenance at both your home and office locations.

With over 20 years of professional experience in designing, installing, and maintaining gardens, Lyndsay is so passionate about gardening and sharing her knowledge and experience with her clients, that she provides services and products beyond expectation. “I will walk you through the steps and listen to your vision in order to make your gardens the gardens of your dreams,” Lyndsay said.

Furthermore, Lyndsay is currently growing rows of cut flowers on the farm. “I cannot wait to share these beauties with my customers,” Lyndsay stated. “All people need to do is enroll in the weekly flower subscription program to have a piece of the farm grace their own home each week.” Lyndsay will also be selling cut flowers by the buckets at her flower stands on Albion Road in Windham and on Brook Road in Falmouth.” The stands will be opening soon.

You may have known or heard of Lyndsay before. She, along with her husband Seth started StretchWay Yard Services in 2015. “It was a big transition for the both of us,” explained Lyndsay. “Seth needed a change of career and this gave me the opportunity to get back to work part time while raising three kids. Together we built a local landscape business, and each found our niche. I followed my heart by offering garden maintenance and installations.  By year three, garden designs and gardening kept me busy the whole season and it continues to grow today.  I started Petals Farm and Garden as a way to pivot from StretchWay and to continue to follow my path.” Seth and Lyndsay still own and operate StretchWay Yard Services.

In assisting the customers with their dream landscapes, Lyndsay is following her own dream. Her gardening vision all began in culinary arts and business. “I went to culinary school in New York City and spent a year cooking in some of the city’s top restaurants,” Lyndsay explained the journey from her culinary adventure to her horticulture aspirations. “I followed the farm to table movement and sought out restaurants who farm onsite. I soon discovered I loved the growing and harvesting from the restaurant farm and knew I wanted to learn more about farming and growing. One summer, when my thirteen-year-old was a baby, I started to explore becoming a personal chef. I would cook for client events or while clients were on vacation in Maine. That same summer, I took a part time job working in gardens. I learned to love the seasons and watch how the gardens change.”

In 2013, the Stretches purchased one of Windham’s oldest homes, a 1767 center chimney colonial. The land provided the space for the dream she had developed of owning her own flower farm and garden in that first summer 13 years ago.

Once she and Seth created StretchWay Yard Services, Lyndsay began to build additional knowledge about soil, drainage, plant health, companion plants, hardy and reliable shrubs and the various soil types found in the Sebago Lake region. “Gardening brings me such joy and satisfaction,” she explained. “I love the opportunity to create a beautiful space to enjoy and a curb appeal to be proud of. Petals Farm and Garden presents me with the best of both worlds.”

In addition to providing fresh cut flowers at the farm stands, Petals Farm and Garden participate in the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription program as an option for their fresh cut flower service. “We also have a goal to sell wholesale to Bio Market in Windham and Good Life Market in Raymond and I am interested in providing flowers for events or by the bucket.”  
It is without a doubt, flowers inspire happiness and hope – both indoors and out. With that being said, “Here's to 2020 and to growing flowers and growing friends,” Lyndsay stated about her new gardening business.

Call now and book a consultation with Lyndsay today and make your own gardening dreams come true. For more information or to enroll in Petal Farm and Garden’s weekly flower subscriptions, peruse their website at or call 207-892-8000.

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