Thursday, January 16, 2020

Business Spotlight: Karma Hair Studio Karma Hair Studio (recently located to 815 Roosevelt Trail, between The Thai Place and Sticky Bud Farms) stylists Billie Jo Keith and Jeanne Ross treat their customers like family by providing a relaxed professional atmosphere and offering premier “Portland” hair care services at “Windham” prices.

With over 55 years of accumulated experience and five-star reviews, the skilled and educated beauticians are dedicated to transforming their customers’ hair as requested.

“We pride ourselves in listening to what our customers ask of us,” stated Jeanne. “And, if we don’t get it quite right the first time, we ALWAYS encourage people to let us know immediately or come back later so we can tweak as need be. We want happy customers – or what we prefer to call those we serve – ‘family members.’”

In fact, Karma Hair Studio strives for the old-fashioned and small-town community gathering place that was once popularly known and loved over 30 years ago. “We really want to be known as the small-town beauty parlor,” began Billie Jo. “We want our customers to stop by anytime – even just to chat and to be a part of a social and fun community hub.”

A laid-back ambience is so important to both stylists, they bring in their friendly dogs, Mister Bentley, a border collie, and Miss Olivia, a miniature collie, to greet their customers and provide a form of happiness and joy therapy. “They are our official greeters and HR department,” joked Billie Jo (in a semi-serious manner). “Mister Bentley and Miss Olivia really do make our customers relaxed and are a source of fun conversation and laughter…just as you would experience with any other family gathering.”

Jeanne Ross and Billie Jo Keith
Both Billie Jo and Jeanne are committed to constantly learning the latest techniques in order to provide the high-end professional services they offer.

Billie Jo, who has 22 years of experience, is a level five color designer, which is the highest level one can obtain in the color design field. Jeanne, with 33 years of experience, specializes in high-end hair cutting techniques. Together, they can accommodate any haircare request and service that is needed and preferred.

“We offer a complete package of hair care options for the whole family,” stated Billie Jo. “There is nothing Jeanne and I cannot offer. If you ask, we have the experience to provide it. If there is that one in a million chance that we don’t have that experience…we will let you know and suggest other options. That’s how much we care about our customers.”

But what is just as – or perhaps more – important, is Billie Jo and Jeanne strive to provide these services with the knowing it is their calling and mission in life. “I knew from the age of eight or so that I wanted to cut hair,” Jeanne said. “I had a Tiffany Taylor Doll when I was young. I would cut her hair in the latest fashion on one side, and then ‘flip’ her head and shampoo and style her hair on the other side.”

Jeanne was about ten years old at the time and she knew then her vocation ‘when she grew up’ would be in the hair business. “I couldn’t help myself”, Jeanne began.  I would cut Tiffany’s black hair short in the style that was popular of the 1970s and when I would rotate to the blonde side, I would blow and style it as if she was Farrah Fawcett. I knew when I was a young that I wanted to be a hair stylist.”

Billie Jo also knew at an early age that her life’s calling was in all things hair and when she met Jeanne four years ago, they realized they were “kindred spirits” of the hair styling business.
“We provide every service requested of us,” began Billie Jo. “But we do so with the health of our customers in mind.”

Billie Jo explained that many amenities offered at other salons, such as hair straightening and other products, contain cancer causing agents. “Services such as the Brazilian Blowout to straighten an individual’s hair can be detrimental and uses cancer-causing products – not only to the customer receiving the service but to the stylist and everyone who happens to be in the shop that day,” 
explained Billie Jo. “We are very aware of that; we offer services that are pet and health friendly. For example, we only provide Framesi Salon products as they are not only considered a European top of the hair care product line, but the franchise does not test on animals. The other products we use in the shop do not expose the customers to any potential cancer-causing agents or hair care products. We are adamant about that.”

If one peruses their Facebook page, there are many positive testimonials that include such feedback as, “Amazing quality and really good prices for the service! Very inviting and personal!”

Kristy Quatrono has been a customer since Karma Hair Studio opened shop in 2016. “I’ve been their customer for about three years, and I have had the greatest experience,” she began. “I love the girls who run this shop. In fact, I love them personally…but in terms of their business, I love the atmosphere and their professionalism as well as the animal friendly product they offer. They are just all around amazing.”

For more information and to receive laid back and professional service, contact Billie Jo and Jeanne at (207) 892-3526 or message them on Facebook. In fact, ‘like’ their Facebook page today!

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