Friday, September 13, 2019

Business Spotlight: Partners in Canine in Canine, located at 765 Roosevelt Trail, is not your average cookie cutter dog training business. Meg Terrio and Merri Button are a dynamic team whose passion, philosophies, and techniques result in many happy customers (dogs and humans alike).  

Their success in dog training is not the only thing that make Button and Terrio stand out from the rest. From basics to reactivity, Partners in Canine go a step further with their in-depth programs which combine day training and group classes or private lessons. One such program is the popular Pup Camp Program. “We expose puppies to everyday circumstances, providing training at all levels,” Button said. 

Some examples of what can be covered in Programs include a variety of basic manners such as how to appropriately enter and exit buildings, how to be with and meet other dogs and humans, walking politely on a leash, as well as experiencing a variety of surfaces and different locations. All of this helps to create a socially responsible dog. "Dogs aren't born into this world knowing how to live with humans, our goal is to teach them how to live peaceably in our world," stated Button.

“Every dog has a very distinctive personality – as well as the humans who care for them,” began Terrio. “As a result, we provide individualized care and training plans to build strong and lasting relationships between dog and human using a motivational and balanced approach.”

Button further explained that relationship-based training provides mutually beneficial results between owner/trainer and dog, all the while enhancing and strengthening the relationships in a positive way.

Owners Merri Button and Meg Terrio
One dog who needed extra help was Nova, a rescue. Nova’s owner, Casey Etter, shared his story and how Button and Terrio saved his life. “From puppyhood he lacked confidence and had reactive behavior,” she began. “We already had five other rescues, all with baggage and they weren’t exactly the type of pack that would help Nova overcome his lack of confidence and reactionary behavior.  We knew if we didn’t get Nova on the right path with the right trainers he could easily be pegged as an aggressive “pit bull” living up to a negative stereotype. Thanks to Meg and Merri, Nova is an exceptionally well-behaved young man who has worked on his confidence and reactionary behavior. The bond he has with Meg, who has worked with him since he was six months is amazing and she has not only trained Nova but trained us to understand the reasons behind how he acts. I only wish I had Meg and Merri in my life with it other rescues so they too could have benefited from the exceptional training they offer.”

So, how did Button and Terrio become the talented dog-trainers they are today? They both had other career ambitions, Terrio, a horse caretaker and Button, a Marine Mammal Trainer. But life took them in different directions causing them to find an unexpected niche in dog-training – and each other. “We worked together at a training facility in Saco and realized we had like-minded philosophies, and both have a passion for continually learning and growing,” stated Button.

They eventually each started their own separate dog-training businesses but kept in touch. Realizing they wanted to become partners, they collaborated and officially opened their Partners in Canine’s doors, located directly behind the Windham Post Office, on June 2nd

Presently they offer a variety of training services and packages to include the Partners Programs. Also available are one on one services that include private lessons, consultations, or day trainings. “This fall and winter we will also be offering sports classes, obedience training, confirmation training, and a paw and order class,” Terrio said.

Furthermore, they open their doors to other trainers who need space for training purposes. “Merri and I are about unity. We want to create a unifying force among dog trainers,” explained Terrio. “It doesn’t matter what method or philosophy other dog-trainers use, we all are in it for the same purpose – to help owners and dogs.” stated Button.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Button and Terrio at Partners in Canine by phone, 207- 956-0642, by email at or website,

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