Friday, May 31, 2019

Business Spotlight: Delano Architecture Lorraine Glowczak

It may be true that most architectural firms combine engineering, science and technology to design homes and commercial spaces - but at Delano Architecture, the “art of space” has become their mission of how they think differently about creating custom designed buildings.  

“When people dream about building a home, they often start by thinking of a particular style,” began Delano. “But we think of the process very differently. We love the diverse landscape of Maine, so we look first at it to inspire us.” 

Delano studies the entire property for unique features, such as the trees, topography, the quality of sunlight, any distant views, or special places on the property. “We are listeners first before we begin any design,” stated Delano. “We find out what is important to our clients, both in the present and for the future.” 

Surprisingly, Delano works out the living spaces first.  “Our top priority is creating beautiful spaces for people that connect seamlessly with nature. The interiors come first, then the outside forms - this surprises many people.” 

Delano’s passion for art and architecture began in high school while taking art classes. “My art teacher told me directly, ‘Chris, you are going to be an architect.’  I think I already knew it, but having a mentor be so direct, gave me the clear confidence to go ‘all in’ with it.

Delano, who is originally from upstate New York, received his Bachelor of Arts in architecture from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA and a Master of Architecture at the University of Washington in Seattle. After living in Maryland and North Carolina, Delano and his wife moved to Maine in 2002, making Windham their permanent home in 2003 with their three children. “I had developed a fondness for Maine as a child by vacationing every year near Castine with my grandparents and family,” he stated. “I was an early riser then and used to spend hours walking the rocks along Penobscot Bay and in the woods before my parents woke up. The stillness and quality of light in the early morning is something I still can’t get enough of.  I bring those memories into every home we design.” 

Since his time here, Delano Architecture’s highly-regarded reputation has grown substantially, designing homes, waterfront and hospitality projects in many parts of the state, winning a citation award from AIA (American Institute of Architects) with feature articles in the Portland Press Herald and Maine Home and Design magazine for the design of a new house in Gorham and the recently completed, Roots CafĂ© in Westbrook.

Chris Delano
Delano begins the process with his clients by pulling together a ‘wish list’ of their goals and ideas, and adding in photos of spaces and materials—things they like from all areas of their life.  They use these images, ideas, and a realistic budget to establish a course and to give them direction in the design process. They use this information and start with the big ideas first, layering in more detail as the clients see success. “We are very visual,” stated Delano. “We bring in all kinds of drawings and models to both generate and present ideas. We place these in the center of the table with our clients and then talk about them, the good and bad, where they come from, and why they matter. It moves forward and back like this until we hit all our targets.”

‘We are passionate about buildings’ the website states.  Truth be told, Delano is passionate about many things—people, nature, science, art, cities, mountaintops…  For them, buildings are the way of engaging with these things.  “They are the touch-points for our relationships, activities and the natural world,” Delano said.  “Regrettably, I think many homes miss this potential.”   

One local client, Steve and Pam Rich, speaks highly of the Delano process. “Chris was able to take our thoughts and ideas to create the home of our dreams. … we can’t thank him enough.” 

If you are considering a new home, renovation, or business and wish to incorporate the “art of space” into the process, Delano Architecture can meet all your needs – as well as respecting Maine’s natural beauty. For more information, contact Chris Delano at 207-892-1643, or peruse the website at Also be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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