Friday, December 7, 2018

Business Spotlight on Skin Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Lorraine Glowczak

Harvard-trained and board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Perrone, recently followed his love of the arts and combined it with his other passion of providing minimally invasive aesthetic procedures by opening his restorative medical practice - Skin Medical Aesthetics and Wellness.

Located at 472 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, Dr. Perrone offers a variety of safe and scientific based skin care services in a medical setting that is a first and only in the Lakes Region area.

“As a doctor who lives in Windham, I became aware that there are many individuals in the greater Lakes Region area who are looking for services such as Hydrafacials®, Botox®, as well as other medical skin care needs but have to travel to Portland in order to receive them,” explained Dr. Perrone. “I decided after years being a practicing plastic surgeon in Augusta that I could do more for my community by offering services in the greater Windham area.”

At Skin Medical Aesthetics and Wellness (SKIN), there are a variety of services from which to choose. Whether it is Botox® or fillers, high end multifunctional Hydrafacials®, Coolsculpting® (non-surgical treatment for tissue reduction), Kybella® (a targeted tissue reduction treatment) or Insta-lift® (facelift), SKIN offers amenities in a safe medical environment along with along with a complimentary educational consultation prior to the service of choice.

“Sometimes clients requests procedures that do not necessarily address their needs,” stated Dr. Perrone. “I educate my clients, so they make the best decision based upon their circumstances and preferences. I believe informing my clients is the best way that they fully enhance their lives so they feel comfortable and confident.”

To make important health care decisions, the client needs to be aware of the procedures they are electing to undergo. I’m here to support people in their journey to achieve their ultimate vision of themselves in their skin.

Dr. Perrone is happy to show you around his facility and highlight his various procedures rooms where a variety of skin enhancing techniques are performed. One room includes a Hydrafacial® machine which provides a comprehensive skin care experience. “It’s not only the facial skin that we consider,” began Perrone. “The applications of the machine can extend onto the entire body.”

Dr. Anthony Perrone
There is also a CoolSculpting® room “This form of therapy freezes stubborn tissue while protecting the skin. It’s perfect for the person who has tissue resistant to diet and exercise.” Perrone explained but reiterated that this therapy is not a substitution for nutritious eating and regular exercise.

Perrone also stated that they have provided facial services for brides and bridesmaids. “Recently, we had a bride and her bridesmaid’s come in for a before wedding experience. The bride and her bridesmaids each had a facial and then sat in our conference room to relax prior to the big event.”
But aesthetics are not the only focus at SKIN. Athletes can also benefit from a detoxifying lymphatic treatment to promote recovery. “This therapy will help to accelerate recovery between workouts or events.” stated Dr. Perrone.

Dr. Perrone will customize a step wise approach so clients will achieve their desired outcome. “I will encourage individuals to stand up and stand out. I will provide an individual with the education to make an informed and personalized decision that is best for them” he stated.

He is also committed to the needs of the community. “Although my office hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., I do my best to accommodate those who cannot make those hours by accepting appointments outside of the normal business schedule,” said Perrone.”

For more information about SKIN services and to see many results from real people just like you, follow Dr. Perrone and Skin Medical Aesthetics and Wellness on Facebook and Instagram, call 207-572-1618 or email at

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