Friday, August 24, 2018

Business Spotlight on New England Fitness and Athletics by Michelle Libby"Fitness for everyone is one of the missions of the newest gym in Windham, New England Fitness and Athletics (NEFA) at 15 Commons Avenue. In a 6,000 square foot facility, they have divided the space into three sections: strength on one side, turf in the middle which is utilized for a multitude of classes, and the last third is used for functional training.

NEFA is owned by fitness instructors Travis Guerrette and Nicholas Peirce, who have worked together for years providing locals with fitness tools for healthy living. Guerrette has a bachelor’s degree in applied exercise science from the University of New England and recently graduated with his MBA from University of Southern Maine. “This has been a goal of mine all along: to have an independently owned gym,” he said. “Our mission is to create a fun, community based atmosphere.”

Peirce has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a concentration in health and fitness from the University of Southern Maine. Pierce expressed the organization's hope to do community-based and charity workouts. “It’s not just about working out for us, it’s bigger. It’s enriching the lives of our clients.”

NEFA moved into their space in mid-June and it has been fully renovated, including a new bathroom and changing rooms. There is a 14-foot garage door that can open for the trainers to use the back parking lot for flipping tires or other outdoor activities. “We touched every single thing in the room,” said Peirce.

NEFA offers personal one-on-one training, small group training and large group classes. They also work with every age - youth to seniors. “We’re already broad and we want to keep it that way, but we have a passion for athletic training,” said Guerrette. “Conditioning is beneficial for everybody,” Peirce said. “It’s good to get strong. Our goal is to be community oriented with programs for different age groups and fitness types, and our philosophy is consistent overall health and wellness.”

Travis Guerrette and Nicholas Peirce
There are youth strength and conditioning classes broken into age groups starting at fourth grade through high school. According to Guerrette, “Each one has a different focus all working on using the body to gain strength or to help with athletic endeavors.” NEFA also works with nutritionist Tara Whiton, a PhD sports nutrition and performance consultant.

The trainers bring up to date knowledge and experience, while offering a wide variety of training options. Classes include boot camps, HIIT training and Tabata and they are offered at many times throughout the day. Drop in on a class for $5 until the end of August.

“Movement is the best medicine,” said Peirce. “And, a good, safe workout,” Guerrette added. To set up a training, send an email to, call (207-893-8377), or visit  Finally, watch for information on their grand opening event on Facebook and Instagram.

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