Friday, July 6, 2018

Business Spotlight on Command Pest Services by Michelle Libby

awilde01@maine.rr.comBugs, bees and termites, oh my. Once spring and summer arrive, so does the inevitable invasion of bugs, rodents and other pests that make life challenging. Command Pest can help homeowners, landlords and business owners make their dwelling nuisance free with one simple phone call.
Alan Wilde and Terry Colby teamed up in 2007 to incorporate Command Pest. Wilde has been in the field for 20 years now.

Command Pest takes care of all insects, rats, mice and snakes. They do not work with squirrels or large vertebrates like raccoons or skunks. This has been a busy year for mice, Wilde said. The business is very seasonal, but there are certain pests that are more active in different weather. Now, it is carpenter ant season, which will be followed by bee and wasps season. In the fall, mice and other wintering pests like ladybugs, wasps and cluster flies are looking for places to keep warm during the winter. In the spring, watch out for flies being born.

Wilde sees a lot of bed bugs, and ninety percent of all of those calls are in apartments.

 “I didn’t expect it to be a career, but it turned out to be a career afterall,” said Wilde. Wilde likes the job because every situation is different. He admits he got “creeped out” at first, but now it’s all part of the job. He got into the industry after taking a break from his sales job. “I kind of fell into it,” he said. “I saw there was a lot of money to be made in this field. I absolutely love my job now.”

Knowing how to treat different bugs is key to a successful business. For example, to rid a building of cluster flies treat the exterior of the house to kill them inside.

“You need to know the biology of the creature you’re treating for,” Wilde said.  It’s the same with ants. Certain ants you can spray with treatments, but others you must use bait methods. “Call a professional who will know these things,” Wilde said.

Command Pest is built on the principal of honesty. Wilde has seen other professionals lie about infestations just for the sale. “I’m not going to say you have bed bugs if you don’t,” he said. “I will also tell you if you can take care of something yourself.”

Command Pest works with commercial customers like grocery stores, restaurants, and different property management companies. “I’m there for folks who have something they want to get rid of,” Wilde said.

For those just opening their summer home or camp, Command Pest can make sure it’s pest free before arrival day. The company uses treatments that are designed to break down and dissipate. They follow the directions on the containers for how long before animals or people can return and it’s usually only a few hours.

“It’s not like the chemicals of the sixties and seventies. It has to get past the EPA,” Wilde said. Wilde uses the same treatments the big companies use, but because Command Pest is owner owned and run, customers have personal contact with the owners. “We like having our hands on everything while we’re in the field. Questions go to the top guy. People have brought us on because they’re dealing with the owner,” Wilde said. Command Pest is insured and licensed by the State of Maine for structures, termites and biting and stinging insects. Each year they have to acquire points through trainings to sustain their license.

Command Pest travels to most of southern Maine. They have customers in Cumberland, Oxford, Kennebec and Androscoggin counties, Portland, Lewiston, Auburn and all towns in between. Most estimates are free and can usually be done over the phone. They have seasonal and maintenance programs or can visit for a one-time treatment.

To schedule an appointment or ask questions, call 657-7144 or email The office is located in Gray at 5 Tripp Lane.

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