Friday, June 15, 2018

Business Spotlight: Legal Leaf LLC by Michelle Libby Leaf LLC, at the corner of Route 302 and Whites Bridge Road in Windham, has all the supplies anyone might need to create a garden and grow plants. Owned by Maggie Terry, Joanne Mattiace, Chase Hutchinson, and Brett and Amanda Beauchemin, Legal Leaf sells all growing supplies, including soils, systems and greenhouses.

“Legal Leaf is a store aimed at people who want to grow or be knowledgeable about any type of cannabis or hemp, as well as anything you want to grow,” said Terry.

Terry describes Legal Leaf as a grow store like garden centers in big box stores, but the difference is the equipment and quality of substrates are more specialized to enhance the growing experience and achieve better growth. The staff at the store also have knowledge that other stores don’t have. 

Whether a grower wants to try hydroponic, organic or greenhouse growing, Legal Leaf can help.
They carry different types of lighting from LED to high pressure sodium lighting.

“Our goal here is to be of service. Service to people growing for medical uses,” Terry said.
Terry opened Legal Leaf to help teach her sons the value of owning and operating their own business. Terry also owns Legal Label in the same building. She chose to enter the cannabis growing business because it is an emerging industry and offers a lot of opportunities for those who are seeking new stuff, said Terry.

Terry has been surprised at the customers she has serviced. Most of them are older, she said. “I’ve turned away 200 people looking for medical marijuana for health issues in their forties, fifties and sixties,” she said. Legal Leaf doesn’t sell marijuana or hemp. They strictly sell the products to grow and process the plants.

Even the name, Legal Leaf, was chosen to help reduce the stigma of cannabis, to make it more normalized and more accepted, Terry said.

They service commercial growers in the industry. They find solutions for mold, air issues or light issues. “We want to be a resource and build that trust and relationship,” she said. The company also sells packaging including child proof packaging and labeling.

“Branding, logos and helping businesses with regulatory labels and management of licenses,” Terry said, in discussing how her businesses work together. Now, Legal Label will help the cannabis and hemp industry, too. 

“We have a whole packet of resources,” she said. The laws are constantly changing, so Terry and her team stay on top of the most current laws. They have contacts in all industries. Terry will do special orders and obtain special nutrients if that’s what customers want, she said. “It’s an investment to grow,” she added. “This business is an investment.”

Legal Leaf has plans to expand and bring in new products to help with other aspects of the industry.
“Brett grows, I grow. It’s fun,” Terry said. “It’s like the wild, wild west. God put this plant on the Earth for these reasons, to help medically and emotionally. And, he made it stink so we could find it.”
For those who like to cook with cannabis or hemp, the store carries molds for magic butter or gummies.

For those thinking of getting into growing plants, seek out the professionals who can help get the right products to make a garden grow.

“We’re driven by service and tremendous resources,” Terry said. “It’s a very exciting time because of all the potential that can come from the industry.” The store opened on April 20, 2018.

Legal Leaf is open on Mondays for professional growers or those who want to make a grow plan. The team will meet one-on-one with growers. The store is closed for drop ins. It’s by appointment only. The store is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They are closed on Sunday.

For more information, call 207-572-1550 or email

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