Friday, November 3, 2017

Business Spotlight on Key Benefit Solutions by Michelle Libby a lawyer on retainer might seem like something only the rich would do, but with Key Benefit Solutions, Eric Colby can show everyone how to have a lawyer on retainer, as well as protect them from the theft of a person’s identity and personal data.  

Key Benefit Solutions works with small businesses and individuals to save money, protect them and maximize mobile marketing. The company also acts as a commercial energy broker.

“I took the company and looked at what other people’s needs are and who we can help the most,” said Colby. “We’re there to help people, give them piece of mind.” 

The “foundation to everything is legal and identity theft protection. It’s about what makes you – you, from head to toe,” Colby said. If someone steals an identity, the crook will take the money no matter how much it is and then he’ll sell the personal information he finds, repeatedly. Criminals can commit bad crimes in someone else’s name and it’s the true owner of that name, address, social security number that will be held liable for the crimes. 

“The most valuable commodity is data. It’s more valuable than anything,” Colby said. When this information is misused, Colby’s legal solution allows clients to speak with someone about not only finding the breech, but stopping it, restoring credit and going to court to prove innocence.

“We’ll restore it to where you were. You don’t have to do anything on your end. We have agents who are retired law enforcement as well as professional and licensed people to take care of the issue,” he said. Employees won’t miss work and the questions as to “then what?” is taken care of.
Most places only tell someone that information has been compromised, but Key Benefit Solutions can help through the whole process.
Legal plans for individuals gives access to 24-hour a day emergency service and local lawyers ready to help you. From landlord issues to trial defense and simple traffic violations, will creation, and reading or writing up contracts, there is a lawyer on hand locally for you only a phone call away. 

“You’re covered in all 50 states and 4 provinces in Canada,” Colby said. 

For $20 per month, a person can be covered with a legal solution to any issue that comes up. For an additional $20 per month, clients can have peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their identity. 
Both fees include your protection along with the protection of your whole family. As a part of the legal solutions package, you download an app on your phone where you can also access their perks program, which gives you access to over 450 different well-known businesses who offer coupons and discounts, essentially making the service free and even paying you depending on how much you take advantage of the perks.

“It’s a matter of protecting people. That’s the power of having a level playing field. You want someone in your corner,” said Colby. 

Key Benefit Solutions and its partners have top notch customer service, guaranteeing how long it takes to get the work you need completed. 
Eric Colby

Colby knows about being poor, homeless and how to work up from the bottom, but as a Coast Guard veteran himself, he always seeks out the best in life. 

Over the years, Colby has seen a lot of mom and pop businesses with going out of business signs. “I thought there has to be a reason – more than the Walmart or Amazon effect,” he said. “I wanted to find ways to save small businesses money.” He does audits for businesses and families, looking for ways to save them money on their existing expenses.
By using Voice over IP (VoIP) and simple phone marketing devices, Colby can help small businesses and independent contractors grow their brands. This is also good for individuals who communicate often with friends or families overseas. It offers a way to communicate more effectively and for less money than traditional phone calls.
Most companies don’t use the marketing available to them, Colby said. With beacons that send out a signal 100 yards away, customers can be drawn to a business with specials or sales.
“Most people want quick and easy. Home businesses, arts and crafts, they can promote whatever they want,” he said.  A device like this is perfect for restaurants or real estate agents who can send a virtual tour right to a phone outside the house.
Key Benefit Solutions also offers merchant processing that gives a portion of each swipe to veterans.
 “We do everything we can to help keep businesses and families going,” he added.
For more information, visit or call 207-636-7415 or 207-604-4710.

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