Friday, August 4, 2017

Business spotlight: The Scholar Room by Michelle Libby’s teachers have much more pressure than ever before to teach, to test and to meet students where they’re at in a classroom of 25 students; and to meet the requests from the parents. Andrea Logan has the solution for parents and students who find themselves stuck moving forward on the treadmill of education. The Scholar Room is a private tutoring service that can help students meet their goals, learn study skills and meet benchmarks for math, reading and more. 
“The Scholar Room is small group tutoring designed to provide support within the Windham/Raymond and lakes region communities,” said Logan. She offers one on one tutoring and small group skills classes for extra practice in a specific area. Some small classes only last three to five sessions to catch the students up on something like subtracting with regrouping. 

“I work on anything to support educational goals teachers are working on, but in a different setting,” she added. “Ultimately I got into it to do consulting and be a support person for educators in the K-12 curriculum.”

Logan has been in education for 18 years and has dual master’s degrees in education and special education. She is a middle school language arts teacher in Portland and is dual certified to teach kindergarten to eighth grade in special education and regular classrooms. She started tutoring in 2008 and she is well versed in 504 plans, Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 

“I’m a lifelong teacher and lifelong learner,” she said. She is proving that by finishing her doctorate degree in transformational leadership. 

Tutoring “allows me to teach to each child and each family on a one on one basis. It’s a highly targeted intervention and specialized plan. I meet parents where they’re at in a personalized setting.”
Logan uses her background in special education and regular education to help all types of students. She will also work with a mom and dad who might not have the time or the resources to help their student. 

Her specialties are reading and writing, math, spelling and study skills. She helps those fifth and sixth graders who struggle with the transition of more homework and classroom work by teaching organization skills, executive functioning skills and decision making, that can take them on to success through middle and high school. She will come to the client’s home to set up a study station and work where the studying takes place to help the family establish good study habits with the students.

Logan designed her own spelling program that works in 20 minutes per week. In school it is always said that spelling will come later, but then later never comes. Logan can help students hurdle over the spelling gap. 

She teaches rote knowledge like multiplication tables, fact practice and handwriting. She believes in printing letters and writing. “As the kids age, just because we have technology, it’s not necessarily the best way to teach all of our children,” she said. 

Other issues she helps with are dyslexia, dysgraphia and orthographic processing, which is seeing and writing at the same time, where students see and remember letters in the mind’s eye. 

Tutoring sessions are offered at her home on Pasture View Road in Windham or in the client’s home. Small groups sometimes meet at the Windham Public Library. She works with students from K to 12.
Logan also serves on the board of directors for the Maine Association for Middle Level Educators and is a consultant through the New England League of Middle Schools. 

She also offers Make and Take Party Events as fun learning experiences. Watch Facebook for those announcements. 

For more information or to schedule a session, call or text 207-418-4807, email, or visit on Facebook or at The

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