Friday, July 21, 2017

Business Spotlight on Fishermens Catch by Michelle Libby red A-frame proclaiming lobsters is an icon on Route 302 in Raymond. Fishermens Catch is known for its lobster rolls, but also has a fresh seafood market in the same building. Open from Mother’s Day to Columbus Day, Fishermens Catch serves typical Maine seafood like fried clams, steamers, mussels and of course, lobster and lobster rolls. 
Owner Bill Coppersmith, Jr. grew up in the seafood business. He lobstered in Portland, worked in the industry during high school before going to college for one semester to major in business administration. He decided he wanted to work in a business, not just learn about business. He established the restaurant in 2009. Working at Fishermens Catch for 14 and 15 hour days, 7 days a week, has taught him more than he could have learned in school. 

Lobster rolls are the biggest seller at Fishermens Catch. “We stuff them heavy with all fresh, never frozen meat. We grill the roll. There’s no complicated method,” Coppersmith said. The lobster rolls were named one of the best lobster rolls by Down East Magazine two years ago; something Coppersmith takes pride in mentioning. In a weekend, it is not unusual for them to make between 500 and 600 lobster rolls.
Coppersmith and his family

“We give them quantity and quality and that’s what they’re looking for,” said Coppersmith. “What you see for prices is what you get. There’s no bait and switch.” They also don’t use tricks like putting egg whites in the roll or using imitation crab meat. “We take the tricks out of the equation,” he added. “People work hard for their vacation. They worked hard for their money and we want to give them something good.” 

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, all lobster friendly, with an eye toward extreme cleanliness, according to Coppersmith. “We slave over trying to keep this place clean,” he said.
For all the land-lovers, Fishermens Catch also serves chicken fingers and chicken sandwiches.
Quality food is the mission of the 12 employees at Fishermens Catch. There is no typical fishy smell inside the building, which is a bonus for some. 

“Raymond has the most amount of shorefront,” said Coppersmith. His location is perfect to catch summer people traveling up Routes 302, 85 and 121. He hooks people from all area lakes and ponds.
“We see repeat customers, friendly faces. Some we might see every night. Or we see them at lunch then see them at dinner,” he said. One group bought Fishermens Catch T-shirts and it’s become a tradition to wear them to dinner, all 12 of them. 

Fishermens Catch provides all of the lobsters for the area summer camps and Point Sebago for their lobster bakes. They can cook 400 to 500 lobsters at a time in specialty pots Coppersmith had made.
When looking for steamed lobsters, it is recommended that customers order ahead Thursday through Sunday, as it’s a busy time. 

Coppersmith offers the Maine experience of a lobster bake, fresh seafood and more within a 50 mile radius of Raymond. Lobster bakes are great for: rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries or to celebrate summer in Maine. From Cape Elizabeth to Frye Island and anywhere in between, Fishermens Catch will provide all of the fixings for a down east lobster bake. The minimum size is 30 people. 

“Four hundred is the biggest we’ve done, but the sky’s the limit,” said Coppersmith.
For those who don’t get enough lobsters on vacation, live hard shelled lobsters can be shipped next day air.  

In the fish market, most of the items are from the Gulf of Maine including lobster meat, scallops, Maine caught halibut, tuna, and swordfish. Additional items are big shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico and Alaskan sock-eye salmon. Items are fresh daily from local fishermen. With the biggest tank system in the lakes region, the capacity to have on hand and cook large quantities is massive, Coppersmith said. “It sets us apart. Don’t call around. We can do it,” he said. “I like cooking the lobsters - being on the back deck at 140 degrees out there. The owner is out back cooking the lobsters, so you know we’re doing it right.” The lobsters are steamed, unlike at most lobster pounds. On average they steam 1,000 lobsters a day. 

Coppersmith is married and is the father to a 6-year-old son, Eli, and a 4-year-old daughter, Haddie. His wife, Whitney, makes the homemade seafood chowder and the homemade tartar sauce.
Fishermens Catch is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week. They have live music every other Saturday in the summer. 

For more information or to order ahead, visit, find them on Facebook, or call 207-655-2244.

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