Friday, March 31, 2017

Business Spotlight: iBec Creative by Michelle Libby Online marketing is a necessity in today’s electronic world. iBec Creative, based in Portland, is a social media and ecommerce company with the expertise and technology to build websites designed to encourage more traffic and sell more online. Run by Becky McKinnell, the company has been in existence since 2006, after McKinnell graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in art and entrepreneurial studies. 

“We focus on ecommerce business for anyone who sells something online if they have a brick and mortar store or not,” said McKinnell.  Clients can sell business to business or sell to the general public. iBec can make sure that what a business is doing and how items are being offered is the most effective use of marketing dollars, from the website design and coding to the digital marketing. 

The team of 12 at iBec is ready to take businesses to the next level, whether someone is opening a new venture or wants to expand to lucrative online ecommerce. iBed can create a store that is open 24/7/ 365.
“You never get to the perfect state. It’s a constant adventure,” McKinnell said. “It’s all about measurement, what users are doing and how our clients can continually optimize their site.” iBec has the tools to monitor and analyze the data they receive from the advertising and marketing on social media. 

iBec does not deal with other forms of advertising and encourages business owners to continue to advertise, but to find a way to be able to track the calls coming from the advertising source or have a call to action like - “Schedule your test drive”. 

With small ongoing changes, iBec has the time and manpower to track how words affect clients and customers. Changing a phrase from “featured products” to “bestsellers” had an effect on one client’s bottom line. “You can prove it,” said McKinnell; “Or move in the right direction.” 

Becky McKinnell, owner of iBec Creative
Most business owners don’t have the skills or the time to be bothered with keeping an eye on their social media accounts or measuring what advertising works best, iBec takes on that important role in a business. They can create inventory management tools and can help make shipping things across the country easier.
The first thing iBec does is evaluate an existing website to improve on what is happening there. They will check to make sure the shopping cart is responsive and that the site is mobile and tablet friendly. They also can check to see if they can improve the site for ecommerce. 

Some of their clients include Day’s Jewelers, FHC and Black Point Lobster- who ships gourmet food all over the country. 

Some of the social media controls for platforms like Google AdWords, can be set up by the client, however they have to be careful not to spend money on negative keywords that don’t fit with the concept of the business and products. iBec can update websites and make sure that once the process is complete that all modules and plugins are still working correctly on the site. 

“They can hire us to take over for them,” said McKinnell. “We provide the extra touch.” 

Clients can meet at the iBec office, 100 Fore Street in Portland, for a discovery meeting to discuss what the client wants for his or her business. “It’s nice for clients to get out of their office and not be distracted. We also provide food,” McKinnell said. 

“I want to be known as the leader in New England,” she stated. “We are always reading continually, listening to podcasts and go to conferences. I invest in our team. Yes we’re in Maine, but yet we’re on par with what the nation is doing.”   

Clients pay for time the company works on a project, but the client continues to pay directly to the social media platforms they advertise on, McKinnell said. 

“We work with anybody that knows something needs to be optimized in their marketing plan. We add the value by continually making small improvements. We create a partnership with clients.” 

For more information and to contact iBec, visit:

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