Friday, August 26, 2016

Business spotlight - Mainely Vapes - By Michelle Libby Vapes, next door to the Windham Post Office, is open for business selling electronic
cigarettes and vaping apparatuses.

“Vaping started with E-cigarettes as a replacement for cigarettes,” said owner Ryan Miniutti. “It evolved into a quit smoking aid.”

Miniutti was an avid smoker and hearing that this new trend could help him quit, he took the leap and started vaping. Through the various flavored juices, he was able to get the right amount of nicotine to calm his cravings. The juices have different levels of nicotine and some have none at all. He has been smoke free for five years. 

The most common tool is the E-cigarettes. Hardcore vapors prefer the box mods that have unique styles. These are battery operated and more powerful than the pens. There are others that are tanks or drip modules. Some are combinations with rebuildable deck atomizers (RDA) or rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA). The juices which come in various sized bottles are a liquid that can be put directly into the water chamber or on part of the box mod giving the flavor to the vapor that is sucked in to the lungs.

Mainely Vapes has 85 flavors for sale and approximately 100 in their tasting bar. Some of the juices have no nicotine and the highest is 12 mg of nicotine in an entire bottle of juice. This is compared to 18 to 22 mg of nicotine in one cigarette, Miniutti said. The idea is to be able to decrease nicotine intake until you are not dependent at all. There are thousands of ingredients in cigarettes to only four or five in vape. There is nothing artificial. Mainely Vapes carries a line of certified organic liquid. They also carry CBD oils.

Juices or E-liquid as it is also called can be purchased online, but Miniutti said that “You don’t know what you’re getting.” Even if it is a reputable site, there is the wait time of having something shipped. At Mainely Vapes, it’s cash and carry. They stock a variety of juices from the top of the line to a nice general mixture with names and flavors like Ki-berry Yogurt, Morning Wood (cereal flavor), coconut conniption, wicked watermelon and more. They also have one that tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and one that’s like a rocket pop from the ice cream truck with one flavor on the inhale and two on the exhale. They are constantly getting new flavors.  Mixing them yourself can be dangerous especially when adding nicotine. “One drop in pure form can give you a heart attack,” said Miniutti.
With equipment, buying online is not only time consuming, it can also be dangerous, Miniutti added. “You’re not sure what you get. It can blow your hand off.” Mechanical mods are the dangerous ones that look great and can be cheap, but are for advanced vapers only. 

Mainely Vapes carries only certified and accredited equipment. With new federal regulations, vape shops and the product makers are scrambling to make sure they meet the new laws. People who want to buy equipment must be 18 years or older or with a parent. In Portland they must be 21 years old. Miniutti said he cards everyone who looks under 27. 

Michelle Sass, Miniutti’s fiancé, said she loves smoking and didn’t want to quit. Now through Mainely Vapes, she has not had a cigarette in two months. According to Miniutti, more than 6.5 million people in America have quit smoking thanks to vaping. 

“We will educate everyone,” said Sass. “These are basically little computers.” 

Vaping is now huge on the social scene in colleges and out on the town. There are competitions on who blows the best clouds. 

Many of these types of people have zero nicotine and have never smoked in their life, but do it because of the flavors and it’s fun to do, Miniutti said. 

Every vape shop is a little different. With Mainely Vapes it is the customer service that makes them stand out. They treat each customer as an individual and they will educate customers on the equipment they have. Other vape shops are no longer helping customers get started with vaping, instead, they sell them the supplies and it’s up to the customer to figure it out. Liability is the reason they no longer are willing to help. 

“I feel it’s more of a liability not to,” Miniutti said. 

The store is set up with a vaping lounge for those who want to socialize. 

“Don’t be afraid to try it,” Miniutti said. “It took vaping to get me off cigarettes. It wasn’t willpower. It was not going to happen without something like this.” 

For more on the shop, visit or find them on Facebook, Google + or Yelp.

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