Friday, May 13, 2016

Business spotlight - Alliance - D/C/M - By Michelle Libby

Using state of the art BIM software, Alliance-D/C/M's in-house architect, Michael Pednault, can help save customers time and money on their building design projects from simple additions to new home construction with 3D design capabilities. 
“I can save my clients time and money by designing their home or addition in 3D before the shovels hit the dirt,” said Pednault, owner of Alliance-D/C/M. 

Alliance specializes in designing single family homes and additions, and does not offer commercial designs to remain dictated to our residential clients. The company started in 2013 and Pednault has had extensive experience in designing over 100 buildings in his professional career. He has a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree and is registered, licensed and certified as an architect in the State of Maine. 

With 3D modeling, customers can see the design in detail, instead of just traditional 2D drawings. “Any changes can happen before construction starts so there are no surprises,” he said. 

The design is in full color and clients can change paint colors, floor finishes, plumbing fixtures, window styles and sizes and different sidings and all of it can be changed on the fly. 

With traditional 2D design, it is hard for customers to visualize the finished product and for the architect to convey what is being designed. “Customers I’ve had have struggled to understand the design using 2D drawings; 3D allows them to see the actual building beforehand.”   

Clients interested in home design receive an initial consultation for free. They are asked to bring magazine clippings or online pictures showing their design ideas. Houzz is one website that clients use to determine what they like and don’t like. After the consultation there is a preliminary meeting to make changes. Then there is the pre-final design meeting, where the customer signs off before it goes into the construction documents phase. The software used also creates the 2D plans that contractors need to use for construction. 

Designs can be for a project as big as a 4,000 square foot home on Sebago to a small mudroom addition on a cabin. Alliance does design work for anyone in southern Maine. 

“I try to be very competitive. No one is offering this level of service in this area for these types of projects,” said Pednault. “We do not do commercial projects so we can devote more time to home design.” Specializing in residential builds for clients makes them experts in their field. 

Alliance also offers construction/contractor referrals for those who don’t already have a builder.  
Meetings are usually held at the job site or at the home of the client. “It’s more convenient for them and I can get a better idea of their design style.”

In addition to the 3D design services, Alliance also offers landscaping and property management services. Pednault is a phone call away from his clients. “Call me first before calling anyone else. We have all the equipment necessary to get the job done. If we don’t offer it, we can refer to someone who does,” he said. From mowing to property maintenance work, like cleaning gutters, power washing or brush removal, the company and its four employees will travel within a 15 mile radius of Windham. They also do mulching and spring clean ups. Digital estimates are always free on the property management services and work can be scheduled within two weeks typically. 

“No job is too big or too small on any of our service offerings,” Pednault said. From delivery of mulch to weekly mowing services, Alliance-D/C/M can handle it. 

“We offer a professional approach to all services we offer be it for design or the property maintenance side of the business. My entire crew is a team of professionals dedicated and diligent on every project,” Pednault said. “Customer satisfaction is top priority.” 

For more on Alliance-D/C/M or for a consultation, call 207-310-1707, visit, email or visit them on Facebook, Houzz or their YouTube channel

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  1. Hey Michelle,

    Great spotlight post. It's amazing what businesses are doing with 3D technology. It really allows businesses like Alliance to create product design ideas" that customers can use to visualize the finished project. Of course, this visualization saves everyone money, including the business. Thanks for bringing this business to light. I hope to connect with you soon.