Friday, April 1, 2016

Business spotlight - Stiles Dock Service - By Michelle Libby

Living on the lake is a great thing, until it comes time to put in or take out the dock. From small one section docks to large marinas, Stiles Dock Service is your dock superhero. Owned by Bob Stiles, Stiles Dock Service will bring his team of experienced employees to install any dock. 

“The big guys have lost the ability to pay attention to the details,” Stiles said, who worked for other companies before going out on his own nine years ago. “I pride myself on my good service. When you call my business, I answer the phone.” 

The average dock has five sections, but every dock is different. Stiles has installed docks with one section and he has installed them with 25 sections, like the one at Kokatosi Campground in Raymond. 

It’s a very short season, according to Stiles. People want their docks in before Memorial Day at the end of May. Last year it was the third week of April before he could get in the water. This year he has already put docks in Sebago Lake.
Now is the best time to call to get set up for an install, he said.  

Ninety percent of his business is installing, removing and adjusting heights to docks in the Sebago region and in southern Maine. Stiles is familiar with most lakes in the area from Norway Lake to Estes Lake. He prides himself that he is the same guy who will put in and take out the docks every year. He will pay attention to what customers like and need.
One man asked for nylon washers to be used because his dock squeaked at night and his wife wanted to listen to the loons. Stiles made it happen. 

Stiles will also help those who are trying to put in their own dock and are having trouble. He will show a client how it’s done and let them decide to continue to do it on their own or hire him. He has saved more than one marriage this way, he said, jokingly. 

The other 10 percent of his business is selling custom built wooden docks and aluminum docks. He delivers the new docks and installs them as soon as they are done. Don’t have the money for a whole new dock? Stiles will work with a client to put in half one year and half the next.  

His vast knowledge of options available ensures that he makes competent recommendations for equipment and layouts that will fit your specific needs. 
“What sets us apart is the ability to pay attention to the fine details. To get what the customer wants done without having to go back,” Stiles said. 

His prices are very competitive and his customer service blows away the competition. Stiles Dock Service gives a $50 referral fee off service for those who refer a friend or neighbor and they use Stiles to put their dock in. 

Stiles puts in docks for private home owners, but also for associations, camps and towns. He does not work where the water is tidal. 

Twice a year, he sends out letters to his clients reminding them to make an appointment for dock removal or install. If they pay before the due date, they receive a 5 percent discount. For removal reservations for this year, they must be booked and paid for before August 31. That doesn’t mean the dock has to come out then, he pointed out. New customers who mention this article will receive 20 percent off their first dock service with Stiles Dock Service. 

Stiles would like to see his customers double this year and he knows that his team is ready for the action. He understands that your time on the lake can be limited. That’s why he invites you to let his crew do the work for you so you can spend more quality time on the lake with friends and family.

If you’re tired of struggling with a dock in the frigid spring water, call Bob Stiles at 712-2163 or email him at He offers free estimates and is fully insured. He is the area’s dock superhero.  <

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