Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wicked Easy Fix a new company for computer fixes

When a computer or tablet breaks it frustrates even the most tech savvy. WickedEasyFix can troubleshoot and fix any computer problems from personal computers to business networks.
Co-owners and Mainers Brian Soares and Don Moody have been in business five months, but the tech crew they have manning the phones have years of experience. 

In his previous job, Soares said he saw a lot of fraud in computer support companies. He decided he wanted to start a company that stood by what they said. 

“I did extensive research and found that there was a great need for a US based computer support company that homes and businesses can rely on for quick honest answers without worrying about being scammed from an outside company, outside the US,” he said. 

Like the name suggests, the company is built on Maine values and culture. “One hundred percent of our employees live and work in the USA and we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee, which means we’re giving them 200 percent,” Soares said. 

The work is done remotely on the computers. It is safe and most times effective. From removing viruses to installing software, WickedEasyFix has a service for all customers that is safer than working with someone internationally. The company is required to follow all US laws and regulations. 

The company is growing regularly and quickly, he said. The company employs 12 people in Austin, Texas, which is where calls are answered from their toll free number and the employees use Nexus the number one support resolution system in the world. 

Soares partner, Moody, owned Gorham Micro Computers for 20 years before selling and jumping on this project, he said. 

“Long story short, I built a solid support company that offers full support for PCs, Macs, smart phones, iPads and other electronic and tech devices,” Soares said. Anything electronic that runs on an operating system can be checked and hopefully fixed by WickedEasyFix. 

As lives become more technologically driven, with heat, garage doors, lights and security all online or in the cloud, people are becoming more concerned with safety and there are more questions that need to be answered. 

“Technology is getting more and more advanced and homes are getting smarter and smarter. This means that people will need to get answers faster from someone that can help them reconnect a device, set up or configure these things to work seamlessly without them needing to become an expert,” Soares said.
Soon WickedEasyFix will offer businesses that can’t or don’t want an IT department the opportunity to buy an affordable plan that gives them the opportunity to call anytime they have an issue. “It’s like an IT department all the time,” said Soares. The plan watches business servers and everything that goes in and out for viruses, malware, security and ID theft. “If they need fixes or if their system crashes or there’s a problem with software, we’re going to handle all of that for them for $35 a month,” he said. 

Billing for all services is listed on the website and varies based on time spent on the call. Prices start at $59 for wicked easy fixes and go up to $139 for a call that lasts more than 30 minutes. There is also a member plan for home users that is $19.99 per month that give the customer security programs, data back up and 25 percent off all of their fixes. 

“The goal is to be a trusted company that truly gives value to our customers.  We want to exceed what they have come to expect from online support companies,” said Soares. “We keep it really super simple, with not a lot of techie jargon.” 

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