Monday, May 5, 2014

Redefining Yoga & Pilates - By Michelle Libby

When breaking apart the words redefining yoga, re – again or anew, defining – clarify, or set forth the meaning of…, and yoga – you, at your highest potential, the answer is what the mission of Redefining Yoga and Pilates at 725 Roosevelt Trail, according to its owner Tracy Noyes. A new set forth the meaning of, or to clarify you at your highest potential.
“We embrace – strive to teach people to move, nourish well, to think well, to try to be their highest best,” said Noyes.  

To many and to Noyes, yoga is more than just an exercise plan. It’s a theory and philosophy of living life, she said. “It’s a great balance.” Using Patanjali 8 Limbs of Yoga, which Noyes described as a guideline to good ethical and moral behavior, Noyes guides her students during the yoga sessions. 

The studio opened in October of 2010. Noyes who had been teaching at area gyms for more than 32 years found yoga, yet where she was practicing wasn’t exactly right for her. “I had health issues of my own. Yoga was hugely beneficial to control stress,” she said. 

“We have a better atmosphere, better experience, and we are more personal,” Noyes said of her space over Blossoms flower shop. Class sizes are smaller and can even be one-on-one.
With smaller classes, we get to know our students and get to help them where they want to be,” she said. “It’s a more hands-on, personal experience.” She explained that one-on-one might be a good option for someone who is hesitant about joining a class. 
Redefining Yoga and Pilates offers yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi as well as nutrition and life coaching. Classes range from 6 a.m. to early afternoon and night classes. 

Walking into the space is “like walking into your own home for most people. It’s much more personal, friendly, welcoming, peaceful and calm. You put your baggage down for a while and let go of stress,” Noyes said. 

Yoga is a big trend, but really it’s a lifelong practice. It’s never boring. It’s more than just practice, it’s a lifestyle. Lifestyle changes work to transform your world, diets don’t work to change your life, she added. 
“We live in a really hectic world and it’s a nice balance. We work hard, all of us. We all need balance, like taking a long exhale,” she said. 

The instructors are Theresa Labrecque – Pilates, Ali Romano – registered yoga teacher, Amber Carey – registered yoga teacher, Carol Paradis – Tai Chi easy leader, Debra Goldstein – registered yoga teacher, Anecia Tricky – student teacher and Melissa Kopka – student teacher. The nutrition coach is Chelsea Fyrberg a board certified holistic health practitioner of Nutrition Symplified, who offers appointments and hosts workshops at the studio. 

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