Sunday, February 2, 2014

TLC Business Spotlight on TLC Realty - By Michelle Libby

TLC Realty doesn’t stand for tender, loving, care, in fact, the name TLC is based on strong business principles of trust, loyalty and commitment (TLC) led by customer service that permeates everything the company does.

Owner Tammy Caron opened TLC Realty almost one year ago dedicated to giving her customers, both buyers and sellers, exceptional service. With 14 years of experience in the Cumberland and York Counties, Caron had seen how some companies worked and she knew she had a unique vision for her real estate team. 
“It’s a big commitment. I saw being a buyers or sellers agent, customer service went by the wayside,” Caron said. 

She has some requirements for her four agents. Number one is the agents are not allowed to use lockboxes. Someone from TLC Realty is always at a showing. The second tenant is “everyone deserves to have the same level of commitment. We treat everyone the same way for a $500,000 house or $125,000 house,” said Caron. 

When she or any of her agents sit down with a potential listing, they are given a current reference list of past buyers and sellers. Most clients say, “I’ve never had anyone give a reference list,” Caron said. 

The third rule is “I do not compete with my agents. If they’re successful, I’m successful,” she said. 

The tenants she’s living by must be working because in four months she had $1.3 million in sales alone. Her agents were also successful. 

Communication is big for the company. On Fridays, all agents are required to contact their clients by email, phone, text or whatever way they usually communicate. “This is so people don’t feel forgotten,” she said. 

Giving a fair market analysis is also an important part of TLC business. When Caron gives suggested selling price, she has based it on area “comps”, comparisons. Just setting a price to make the seller happy doesn’t get the house sold and that is the ultimate goal, said Caron. “We do not take over priced listings.”

The best sellers are people “who listen and someone who wants to list with you. Today sellers and buyers are extremely savvy. We have to trust each other and make sure that the seller has a realistic goal,” said Caron. 

TLC is also working on staging empty houses.

For buyers, TLC Realty gives them, at closing, a rebate on their general building inspection or 100 gallons of home heating oil, in addition to the superior customer service.  

Agents are available in the office and by phone 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The market is starting to pick up. TLC Realty has started listing many new homes this past week. Waterfront property owners should be looking to put their homes on the market soon before the market becomes flooded. 

Buyers are out looking at properties already. “It’s been a long winter. People want to get out and look at properties,” Caron said. 

Caron is a member of the Greater Portland Board of Realtors. FMI, visit or call 207-893-8068.

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