Sunday, January 5, 2014

Onsite Auto Glass - By Michelle Libby

Onsite Auto Glass is a local company that cares about its customers, its quality work and making sure that customers have the knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. 

“We are a small business for a reason, so we can service our customers,” said Betty Jo Cash, who owns Onsite Auto Glass with her husband Norman. The company, which began 12 years ago, bought and renovated the building on the corner of Falmouth Road and Route 202 almost two years ago. The like new facility is perfect for replacing broken glass, fixing broken window motors and keeping the cold out of cars.

This is the broken glass season, according to Norm. People chip at the ice on their windows or sand trucks kick up rocks cracking or shattering windows. “As soon as the weather starts,” Norm said, that’s when the phone starts ringing. 

Although Onsite does work on the road, Norm will not do replacement or repair work away from the shop if the temperature is below 40 degrees. “I care about what I am doing,” he said. “I’m not jeopardizing someone’s safety over money.” 

When Norm does travel for a job he generally stays within a 25 mile radius. 

A challenge that Onsite deals with on a daily basis is insurance companies using terminology that is intended to scare customers into using a particular glass replacement company. 

“State law says that the consumer has the right to use anyone they want,” said Betty Jo. “We educate (the customers).” 

Onsite deals directly with insurance companies for their customers. “We want people to choose their shop. Everybody deserves to have a fair shot,” Norm said. 

Onsite Auto Glass uses only quality materials and Norm will go above and beyond for his customers. Bad replacement glass can become a safety nightmare more now than ever. “The glass is part of the structural strength of the vehicle,” Norm pointed out. 

His favorite job in all of his 27 years of work was repairing the glass on a Windham resident’s Rolls Royce. “We’re in Maine. It’s an honor out of all the glass shops to be chosen to be the one to repair it,” Norm said.
“I like small people to do business with. Someone in the community,” said Onsite Auto Glass customer Donna Dunham. 

The new location has been great for business with walk-in customers increasing 100 percent over the North Windham site. In North Windham Norm felt that his business tended to get lost. Now, everyone knows where Onsite Auto Glass is located. 

“We put that small town feel out there. It’s part of us. It’s what we do,” Norm said.
“Our customers become our friends,” said Betty Jo. 

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