Sunday, September 15, 2013

DiSanto's Italian Restaurant - By Michelle Libby

Fine dining, authentic Italian food and ambiance fit for a romantic night out or celebratory afternoon with the girls. No one can compare to DiSanto’s Italian Restaurant on Route 202, just over the Windham boarder into Gray. 
Owner Anna DiSanto is a stickler for details, from the wall covered with wine corks to the perfect ingredients in the family recipe for their new tomato vodka sauce. Focus at DiSanto’s is on the quality of the food, the service and the atmosphere. 

“The restaurant business is in my blood. I have 35 years of experience in this industry,” she said. “DiSanto’s is not just for a special occasion. We’ve become a destination point.” Open 365 days a year for lunch and dinner, people come from all over for the food. At one table a couple may be celebrating an anniversary, at another table a family could be talking about a sick child and at a third table a group could be celebrating a special occasion. DiSanto likes that diversity at her restaurant. 

Before she opened DiSanto’s, she had to remodel most of the space including the kitchen, which was not set up for the type of cooking she planned to do. She serves everything from pasta to chicken to gluten free items. There is a full bar and an extensive wine list to complement any dinner choice. 

This summer DiSanto updated the menu to lower prices on some favorite dishes and she added some new items like the Billy Risbara, a “combination of freshly sliced eggplant and your choice of veal or chicken parmesan served with DiSanto’s tomato sauce.” Risbara is a loyal customer and a friend, DiSanto said. “He adores our eggplant. It’s a tough thing to make at home.” Their other new item is blushing scallops prepared with the new vodka cream sauce. 

Sauces can also be purchased to take home in quarts or pints, choose from marinara, puttanesca, alfredo, vodka cream sauce and meat sauce.  

Desserts are made in the restaurant like tiramisu, seasonal delights and budini, a warm Italian bread pudding with amaretto sauce. 

The specials at DiSanto’s are dynamite, DiSanto said. Twin lobster rolls for lunch or a fisherman’s platter for $10. Prime rib dinner is $15 and twin lobsters or surf and turf dinner are $20. “It’s affordable,” she said. 

Three miles from the center of Windham, DiSanto’s can be found on Facebook and at Reservations are not needed, but can be taken at 207-420-4300.

“The town needed a restaurant like this in the area,” DiSanto said. “There’s nothing better than to sit down to eat together with a nice bottle of wine.”

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