Friday, August 9, 2013

New business Once in a Blue Loon - By Michelle Libby

Once in a Blue Loon is the catchy new name for Barbara Weber’s new business selling antiques, used furniture and crafts, like jewelry and photography, created by local artisans. The name had many generations, but she decided to settle on this one because of the play on words, “once in a blue moon.” Like many of the items she sells, blue moons are rare and her items are stuff you don’t find every day, Weber said. 
The idea for the shop came six weeks ago. “I started dabbling with antiques and I found I have an interest in it,’ said Weber. She said she has found a home in the antique community. “It’s really neat. It’s not competitive.” What she has discovered is the excitement around finds. 

The shop at 734 Roosevelt Trail, next door to Dunkin Donuts, is comprised of two large rooms and two smaller rooms that will be used as a work area and possibly to hold jewelry making classes in, according to Weber. 

“I want to feature local artisans,” Weber said. “I’d like to get stain glass and there’s a woman who makes wooden toys,” she said, getting excited. She also carries gift type items like unique plates and vases.
Some of the most valuable items, like tin picture frames, tin containers and a chocolate box that has two scary dogs on the lid, are kept in a case. 

“Retro is in,” said Weber. 

Opening day is Friday, August 9. “Everything has fallen together,” she said. She works as a contract manager for Base36, but is ready to be her own boss part-time. “I hope it grows into full-time employment and into a larger space.” 

The store is not cluttered, but every time a customer looks around, they see something new. The most expensive item in the store is a sideboard, table and chairs set that will sell for $1,200. The most unique item? A cigar mold. 

Weber is looking to buy antiques and do some consignment with artisans. 

Once in a Blue Loon is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and other times by chance.
Some of the items can be viewed online at, for other questions or to sell antiques to Weber, call 207-615-4888.

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