Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spotlight On: One Sweet Touch

Tucked in among bright sunflowers and verdant stalks of ornamental grass are unexpected treats – chocolates – all arranged in a shell-filled silver pitcher. It’s just one of the many colorful and tasty bouquets made by One Sweet Touch.

Begun by Nikki Doyle, of Raymond, and Megan Garland, of Standish, One Sweet Touch offers pre-made or custom-made arrangements as well as centerpieces for parties and weddings.
With One Sweet Touch, Doyle returns to a craft she once enjoyed. Several years ago, she had initially seen bouquets made of candy alone. “I thought they could be a lot prettier, a lot more appealing,” she said. She added flowers and decorative flair.

“I made them and sold them to florists and whatnot,” said Doyle. She had taken a break for a while and had begun making a new arrangement when Garland visited a few weeks ago. The two started brainstorming and the idea for a business was born.

Arranging the candy and flowers or gifts in reusable containers gives people a lasting container after the treats are gone, said Garland. There are flower pots, baskets, mugs and more, each filled with an assortment of coordinating sports paraphernalia, flowers or other decorations. There are even baskets with dog biscuits and rope toys.

Working on the weekends and a couple of weekday nights – Doyle is a technician at Blackstrap Hill Veterinary Clinic and Garland works as a nanny while completing nursing school –  the lifelong friends have put together a great variety of products to suit all gift-giving situations, said Doyle.
The two use different methods to create their craft. Doyle sets out assembling constituent parts with a clear vision in mind while Garland gathers things that appeal to her and lets them come together organically as she works. Friends since they were young, the pair works well together and each frequently finishes the other’s thoughts. Their complementary perspectives are helpful, said Doyle.
“We make sure they’re nice vases, very stable, with good flowers and tasty candy,” said Doyle. The containers range from vases to mugs, decorative buckets, baskets and flower pots. All can be used again. So can the flowers, feathers and baubles that complete the arrangements.

One Sweet Touch offers customized products. Doyle said, “You can customize it to a T with what you want, or you can say, ‘You guys work your magic.’” In addition, delivery may be an option.
One Sweet Touch will be attending upcoming craft shows, especially around the holiday season. Check the One Sweet Touch Facebook page often for news and updates, email or call 615-5945 for more information.

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