Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spotlight On: K & J Heating

After 10 years as a Westbrook police officer, Ken Viger, decided to do something where he could make people happy.

“As a police officer you deal with people on their worst day. You call me up on Christmas Eve and you have no heat…I give you heat and you’re happy,” Viger said.

In 2005, he took the opportunity to go out on his own after having been licensed and spent time working with his father-in-law at his heating business.

K&J Heating travels all over southern Maine and the mid-coast region doing maintenance, emergency repair and efficiency upgrades.

“If you want to burn it, we’ll do it for you,” Viger said. K&J Heating works with oil, natural gas, propane gas, corn cobs, pellet boilers, cord wood and radiant heat. The only thing they don’t do is thermonuclear heat, which isn’t ready for household use, Viger joked.

“I love doing the work. Every day is something different. No two systems are alike,” he said.
Viger keeps busy year round with maintenance calls and new construction heating systems. He said he hasn’t had the traditional slow down in business for years.

K&J Heating, which has one employee, has done major upgrades for older buildings, including one in Lewiston where the owner changed to natural gas and got the return on his investment in one year. “One year he was paying $20,000 to heat a three-story building with oil. The first year after the new system was put in, he spent 15 percent of that,” said Viger.

Viger is trained, license and insured. The training he said, is self-motivated. He keeps up to date on new systems and then can offer more services to his customers.

K&J Heating is very through in all it does often checking the manual to make sure nothing has changed since the last install of that product, even if they’ve installed 50 to 100 of them.

K&J Heating is very supportive of local sports and Scouts. Viger coaches and has been a Cub Scout leader.

To contact K&J Heating in Gray, visit or call 415-0873.

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