Monday, May 13, 2013

Spotlight On: MPM Sealcoating

MPM Sealcoating is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year working in the Windham/Raymond community. Aaron Cieslak started the company in Windham with his parents when he was 19 years old.
“I saw a need for it. Homeowners don’t want to do it,” he said. The season for sealcoating is short, April through November and the company works 70 hours a week during that time. The company does asphalt repair, crack sealing, sealcoating and line striping for both commercial and residential. The commercial work takes Cieslak from New Hampshire to Fort Kent working for Maine DOT and working at airports. The local residential side of the business he works in Cumberland, Oxford and York counties.

“We have all the right people in place to do residential work. We can jump from one market to another – we’re still residential specialists,” Cieslak said.

“With residential people, customer service is more important,” Cieslak said. MPM Sealcoating employees take time around garages, granite walkways and at the edge of the road. There are 13 employees who work with three 800-gallon sealcoating tanks, three crack sealing units and three ride-on striping machines.

Homeowners who do it themselves will probably have to buy a new pair of sneakers, a new pair of jeans and buy the buckets for what it will cost for MPM Sealcoating to do it, said Cieslak. The company also does it in much less time.

MPM Sealcoating has competitive pricing because it goes through 60,000 gallons of sealer per year and 200,000 pounds of crack sealing rubber, said Cieslak.

Being a part of the community is important to Cieslak and he sponsors local youth sports like soccer and basketball. He also markets his 1-800-SEALCOAT number at the Portland SeaDogs games. Locals can reach him at 892-8098 or on Facebook at MPM Sealcoating. “We have state of the art equipment and multiple crews going out,” Cieslak said.

“I still consider us a residential company even though we have enough equipment to handle something as big as the Maine Mall,” he added.  

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  1. The last thing you want, is cracked asphalt. My family owns and operates a farm and home supply store. Our parking lot gets cracked every year, and it's such a head ache to stay on top of sealing the cracks. Maybe we should find someone like this in our area to come fill our cracks.