Friday, January 15, 2021

Business Spotlight: Elysian Aesthetics Spa

It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies undergo change and not all of those alterations are preferred.
The science of aesthetics was created to help everyone achieve the improvements they personally seek and now those options are affordable and available to everyone in the Windham area at the Elysian Aesthetics Spa.

Located at 104 Tandberg Trail in Windham, Elysian Aesthetics Spa provides expertise in identifying appropriate treatment options to achieve your goals and to guide you through the treatment process. The team at Elysian Aesthetics Spa is skilled at performing safe aesthetic procedures and offers a wide range of services at competitive rates.

They perform DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening; Ionic Foot Detox Therapy; Microblading; Lash Extensions; Facials; Body Contouring and Fat reduction; Needle-free lip fillers; and full body waxing. Also available is JetPeel, which takes care of fine lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, active acne and acne scars, thinning hair and hair loss, excessive sweating, scar tissue and stretch marks.

“I love being a part of helping people feel better about themselves and watching some pretty amazing transformations,” said Deborah Lewia, owner of Elysian Aesthetics Spa. “It’s something that I was always interested in and it’s a dream come true for me.”

A graduate of Aveda Institute in Augusta, Lewia says that her passion is to help people of all ages achieve their skincare goals and to feel great about the way they look. She has several years of working in the aesthetics field along with working under a plastic surgeon in a medical spa. Plus, she has had extensive training in numerous medical grade devices and in providing many different aesthetics treatments.

Deborah Lewia is making
her dreams (and yours) come
true by owning and
operating Elysian Aesthetics
Spa in Windham.
She’s highly adept at using JetPeel and ReShape technologies which render treatments that are invisible to the naked eye, but with exceptionally visible results. These treatments are used for skin rejuvenation, skin brightening, hair restoration, Rosacea, cellulite and much more.

Elysian Aesthetics Spa is among the premier facilities statewide for eyelash extensions, microblading, Ionic foot detox treatments, DaVinci teeth whitening and lash and eyebrow tinting.

Looking to rid your body of toxins and heavy metals? The Ionic foot detox is for you. Your feet have over 4,000 pores which makes them an ideal modality for detoxifying the body to help balance the body’s pH, reduce stress, boost mood, help prevent illness and more.

DaVinci teeth whitening offers a fast, safe and natural way to brighten teeth instantly. The LED blue light technology is trusted by dental professionals and is recognized and used world-wide to remove years of staining from teeth. Results are amazing and are super affordable at only $160 or $190 for those with sensitive teeth.

“We have everything to help you feel and look your best from your head to your toes,” Lewia said. “We’re anxious to show you how to achieve your optimum skin health.”

They also carry the iS Clinical skincare line and specialize in the “Fire and Ice Facial,” otherwise known as the “Hollywood Red Facial” treatment. This facial results in a complexion that is dramatically refined, with no downtime, peeling, or other negative side effects and is good for all skin types. Elysian also offers individually tailored at-home skincare routines and products for all ages.

Having just opened in September in Windham, Elysian Aesthetics Spa is building a loyal following of devoted clients and Lewia welcomes anyone interested to contact her to learn more about how life-changing treatments are made there each day.

“We’re different in that all of our services are non-invasive, needle-free, with zero down time,” she said. “I’m the only place in Maine that offers a needle-free face lift.”

Lewia, a licensed and insured aesthetician, also employs a technician at the facility who specializes in lash extensions and full body waxing.

“I chose Windham for Elysian Aesthetics Spa because I like the town a lot,” she said. “I lived here for a year 20 years ago and I always wanted to come back. I have loved every minute so far and have enjoyed meeting so many nice people. It’s wonderful to see these transformations unfold before our very eyes and witness so many find exactly the look they have been trying to achieve.”

The facility is open Monday through Friday and on Saturday by appointment only.

For more information, call Elysian Aesthetics Spa at 207-572-4160 and visit them online at to learn more about their services. They are also available on Facebook at: and Instagram at:

Friday, January 8, 2021

Business Spotlight: Eagle Auto Sales

The owner of Eagle Auto Sales, Chris McDonald, believes that customers care about the vehicles they
purchase, how and where they buy them and what happens after the sale. For the past eight years, McDonald has earned an outstanding reputation through his other business, Windham Powersports, developing great relationships with customers and standing behind the products he offers.

Located at 646 Roosevelt Trail Suite A in Windham, the goal of Eagle Auto Sales is to become a valued and trusted partner with the community for reliable used vehicles and service.

I own Windham Powersports and have spent the last eight years building a reputation of quality customer service and affordability in our field and I plan to carry that over to our auto department as well,” McDonald said. “We do not believe in a band-aid fix to 'get you to buy’ we want to find the solution that will keep you and your family safe in your vehicles.”

As such, McDonald said that Eagle Auto Sales will offer affordable vehicles that will fit just about every need and budget out there, including options for some ‘Buy Here Pay Here Deals’ for those who may not qualify or be able to secure traditional methods of financing. 

Our primary goal is to be one of Southern Maine's premier used car dealers,” McDonald said. “We are also a full-service garage and soon-to-be inspection station working with all brands of cars and any issues present. We employ some of the area’s top-notch mechanics and inspection technicians.”

According to McDonald, auto repair rates offered by Eagle Auto Sales are highly competitive and reasonable.

Our garage charges $75 per hour which I believe in our market is very competitive,” he said. “We are open to working with anyone able to get to our garage in Windham.”

McDonald said that the launch of Eagle Auto Sales will add another option in the area for those looking for reliable transportation and an opportunity to purchase from someone local and knowledgeable in the business that they know and trust.  

“I want everyone to know we are here and available for their auto needs from buying their next car to servicing their current car,” he said. “I love our community and work very hard to be a part of it in every way possible and am excited to be able to offer another automotive option locally.”

Eagle Auto Sales is officially open in Windham
and is located next door to Windham Powersports
at 646 Roosevelt Trail Suite A in Windham. From
left are mechanics  Ryan Hamlin and Dan
Boissonneault and owner Chris McDonald.

Employing a staff of eight between Eagle Auto Sales and Windham Powersports, McDonald said he is keenly aware that the community is looking for honesty, value, cost and dependability when searching for a new vehicle and he will strive to offer customers those benchmarks in a local setting.

We are very new in the car game, but the reputation we have built working with small engines and ATVs in our sister shop, Windham Powersports, shows what we hope to happen and accomplish at Eagle Auto Sales,” he said. “Automobiles, Fair and Affordable and Customer Oriented. We look forward to working with all our new clients at the new shop. And keep an eye out for the Eagle Auto Sales name branded on the backs of our kids if these sports ever get restarted.”

Eagle Auto Sales currently holds dealership licensing for off-road and automotive sales and service.

“As well we hold inspection licensing for A, C and E stickers and are certified by the state for motorcycle stickers and soon-to-be auto stickers too,” McDonald said. “We research all the time and try to know and find out what people are looking for and what their needs are. Our objective is to meet those needs and offer great products. Keep an eye out for our stickers on the backs of cars and you should start seeing them soon. I have owned my first shop, Windham Powersports, for the last eight years locally and hope to add Eagle Auto Sales to that long standing record for the next eight-plus years to come.” 

For more information about Eagle Auto Sales, call 207-893-8601 or visit their website at or on Facebook at <