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Business Spotlight: Square One Contracting Services

With more than three decades of experience and a solid reputation of quality work, Square One Contracting Services is a general contracting company that performs all types of home remodeling and custom home building.

Square One Contracting Services can help transform home
remodeling projects dreams into reality no matter how
large or small and within budget. Here's a before and
after photo showing a project from studs to completion.
Owned and operated by Jason Lamprey, Square One may be new to the Lakes Region and based in Casco, but they are not inexperienced in construction. Jason started his career working in plastering in the 1990s and over the years has grown to know all aspects of construction and developed the expertise to help his customers realize their project dreams.

“We’re focused on building strong relationships with our customers, building strong relationships within our own teams and performing exceptional work,” Jason said. “All your home improvement projects should start at Square One.”

As a contractor, Jason is responsible for managing all vendors and trades working on Square One projects and serves as the focal communications point between all parties. He coordinates the projects, which involves evaluating project documents or determining the site for renovation projects. He submits fixed price bids and considers the costs of construction materials, equipment, and labor and he applies for permits, providing temporary on-site utilities, ensuring that the property is secure, managing anyone working at the site and is responsible for maintaining accurate records and monitoring cash flows for the project.

His ability to communicate effectively, attention to detail and knowledge of the business are exemplary.

“Our professionalism and organization are the major thing that sets us apart from competitors,” Jason said. “The planning and scheduling stage of a project is one of the most important. Keeping all the subcontractors and homeowners informed and updated on the project status is crucial to a successful project.”

Jason said that Square One Contracting Services pricing is based upon what a customer needs for any given project.

“If the project has a tight budget, then we give the customer options based within their price point,” he said. “If it’s a unique custom finish that they are after, then we can provide those options as well.”

Starting out in the construction business right after finishing high school, Jason said that he found the physical work and the ever-changing atmosphere of construction projects to be enjoyable and it led to eventually owning his own company and then a career in overseeing many different types of construction projects.

“To this day, the physical work and the changing project sites are two of my favorite things about construction,” he said. “The best thing about what I do is that I simply like working with customers. It’s an awesome feeling to see their excitement when the project starts to evolve and to see their faces when the project is finished. I also love the fact that I’m never in the same spot for very long.”

He says the most challenging aspect of his work is scheduling and coordinating all the different subcontractors to complete projects without significant lapses.

“It’s not easy, but I to try stay on top of things and try to mesh everything together,” Jason said. “It’s a juggling act sometimes trying to get all the personalities and skilled trades on board.”

With locations in Maine and Dudley, Massachusetts, Square One remains guided by basic expectations that project customers have come to rely on, Jason said.

“Our customers expect prompt recognition when they call or email us,” he said. “They can expect a return phone call or text that day. We believe in timely communication to keep everybody informed of every step of the process. It’s their money and their home, so we do our utmost to keep them involved so they know what’s going on.”

Square One also uses convenient Houzz Pro software in a single, easy-to-use online platform that provides updated project details to everyone involved.

For further information or to see how Square One Contracting Services can help you realize your goals, call 207-544-3183. Visit them on Facebook at Square One Contracting Services or online at <

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